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Amazon press conference

Live from Santa Monica, Amazon is holding a press conference where it's widely expected the company will announce new Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers.

  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:00:17 PM
    Good morning, everyone, and welcome to CNET's coverage of today's Amazon announcement.
  • wow 9/6/2012 5:01:06 PM
    time for it to start?
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:01:16 PM
    We're expecting Amazon to begin at 10:30.
  • Antriksh Y 9/6/2012 5:01:45 PM
    I hope my messages won't lag as they normally do on CNET live coverages.
  • joelshoe 9/6/2012 5:01:49 PM
    Good morning Cnet, thank you for being tentative on today's tech as it comes out :)
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:02:09 PM
    Just a reminder -- we do moderate all comments. And sometimes there are a lot of them, so not everything gets posted.
  • Rob 9/6/2012 5:02:19 PM
    Are you guys going to do this for the iphone 5 press conference next week?
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:02:45 PM
    @Rob, yes, we'll definitely have a live blog for the iPhone event next week.
  • ehem 9/6/2012 5:02:50 PM
    David, does 1030 mean in a half hour?
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:03:05 PM
    @ehem Yes, in a half hour. 10:30am PT.
  • abg 9/6/2012 5:03:26 PM
    Will this be a video of the conference as it happens or pictures?
  • blee1776 9/6/2012 5:03:54 PM
    This is the first technology press event that I have ever watched...certainly looking forward to the unveiling!
  • Raymond 9/6/2012 5:03:57 PM
    Anyone else getting nothing else but "Initializing live stream ... please wait."??
  • John Falcone 9/6/2012 5:04:09 PM

    The calm before the storm.

  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:04:18 PM
    Live stream is up and running now, btw. You may have to refresh your tab to see it.
  • Dexton Graham 9/6/2012 5:04:34 PM
    Looking for something interesting from Amazon. Hoping that the new kindle will drive down the prices on other tablets am really interested in :-D
  • Antriksh Y 9/6/2012 5:04:40 PM
    @David Hamilton Aww. I have been staying awake (it's 12:00 am here) for CNET's coverage. Another half an hour? Really?
  • Wil Gutierrez 9/6/2012 5:04:49 PM
    no live cameras?! lame!
  • Alexandru Chiuariu 9/6/2012 5:05:07 PM
    New Kindle Fire, frontlit e-book reader or Android phone. What are your bets?
  • John Falcone 9/6/2012 5:05:09 PM
    Hi everyone. This is John Falcone in NY. That photo is from our photographer James Martin, as he waits outside the event.
  • scott sutter 9/6/2012 5:05:32 PM
    whats your thoughts on the new fire including a micro SD slot?
  • John Falcone 9/6/2012 5:05:34 PM
    We specifically asked Amazon if we could livestream, and they nixed the idea.
  • Floyd Johnson 9/6/2012 5:05:40 PM
    Looks sort of like they got the old band back together, Brian, Stephen, and Donald where we used to see Molly
  • ganandalf 9/6/2012 5:05:49 PM
    No video. They said no streaming video allowed inside.
  • John Falcone 9/6/2012 5:05:51 PM
    Unfortunately, they're not providing a stream, either.
  • Antriksh Y 9/6/2012 5:05:54 PM
    @Wil Gutierrez Amazon has not allowed live cameras. Watch Brian and Donald live from the studio.
  • Rob 9/6/2012 5:06:28 PM
    if your having problems streaming the video, try reducing the video quality
  • nameless 9/6/2012 5:06:33 PM
    I want a amazon phone
  • Byron 9/6/2012 5:06:38 PM
    Kobo had an announcement today with the new glo, mii and arc(tabet) mini & glo ae 5" and 6" readers - glo is hi res (1024X768) - Glo has the edge lit LED-- Both have "non-Glass" substrate -- More durable? -- ARC looks like a nexus type tablet with open Android 4.0 and rader software as one of the apps.
  • ajsaloon 9/6/2012 5:06:43 PM
    I'm guessing a New Fire, Kindle reader, and also a smartphone. let's hope!
  • Cristina Cantu 9/6/2012 5:06:49 PM
    Any news about the Kindle Touch???
  • Michael N 9/6/2012 5:06:59 PM
    I'll bet it's a couple of kindle fires, one with 3G and a backlit kindle
  • just_guillermo 9/6/2012 5:07:04 PM
    odd, amazon had video live streaming last year with the original fire
  • kibbsnk 9/6/2012 5:07:09 PM
    would be great to see a direct competitor to nexus 7 the 7" form factor is so awesome right now I hope they bring something different
  • Kindle Fan 9/6/2012 5:07:19 PM
    Hey how about a kindle fire with free 3g internet like the old kindle keyboard??
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 5:07:23 PM
  • scsinutz 9/6/2012 5:07:31 PM
    Nice Try Kobo to try and rain on Kindle's parade, not going to work.
  • BearMntBooks 9/6/2012 5:07:39 PM
    OH rats. Looks like a half hour pre-game show. I'll come back later.
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:09:46 PM
    @BearMntBooks That's right. Come back at 10:30 PT for the announcement.
  • John Falcone 9/6/2012 5:09:56 PM
    And the Kobo Glo, a lighted e-ink reader:
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 5:10:22 PM
    We're aware of the audio issue, now working to resolve it.
  • RazzleDazzleUK 9/6/2012 5:10:31 PM
    Can you explain how the conference area is laid out, is there any indications of what we might get to see?
  • Wil Gutierrez 9/6/2012 5:10:37 PM
    @Antriksh Y, Thanks! I'm watching online now and patiently waiting now for the actual announcements.
  • Antriksh Y 9/6/2012 5:10:38 PM
    @Kindle Fan Woah, no! There's no free Internet on new Kindles. Moreover, the Keyboard version got a 50 MB a month limit. There will be NO free Internet on a tablet. Come on!
  • Ted 9/6/2012 5:10:57 PM
    NEW KINDLE TOUCH, PLEASE! If there is phone function on kindle, I would never buy any smart phone or tablet!!
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