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Amazon press conference

Live from Santa Monica, Amazon is holding a press conference where it's widely expected the company will announce new Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers.

  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:23:52 PM
    Moving onto local storage on the Fire.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:23:57 PM
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:24:33 PM
    Here comes the memory. I say it starts at 16GB.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:24:49 PM
    "For a high-def device, 8 gigabytes is dead on arrival," Bezos said.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:24:59 PM
    Yes, 16GB. No brainer there.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:25:01 PM
    The Kindle Fire HD starts at 16gb
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:25:05 PM
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:25:35 PM
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:25:39 PM
    No mention of 32GB, however. But I suspect it will be there.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:25:43 PM
    It'll be interesting to see how much this will cost. A lot of features.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:26:11 PM
    New feature: Whispersync for Voice.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:26:23 PM
    Listen to an audio book and pick up with reading later.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:26:33 PM
    "Bimodal reading" is what Bezos calls it.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:26:35 PM


  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:26:49 PM
    Whispersync for audio books. Start one place, continue on another device some place else.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:27:09 PM
    So you can listen to a book on the way home from work, then read the book in your easy chair later.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:27:47 PM
    Bets on price? $249 or $299 I say.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:28:06 PM
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:28:20 PM
    Immersion reading, lets users track audio reading with the text in the book. So readers can follow along. Another new feature.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:28:21 PM
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:28:35 PM
    X-Ray for movies...IMDB partnership.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:28:47 PM
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:28:56 PM
    X-Ray for Movies, with a partnerhsip with IMDb. Find out actors names in the middle of movies.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:29:10 PM
    "One annoying thing about tablet games..."
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:29:17 PM
    Bezos moved quickly through the X-Ray for Movies bit. Says he's coming back to it later.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:29:23 PM

    X-Ray for movies tells you who that actor is.

  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:29:33 PM
    Now Whispersync for Games. Start games where you left off.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:29:49 PM
    Whispersync for games. You can store unlocked levels in the cloud. Pick up where you left off. I might finish Angry Birds...
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:30:22 PM
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:30:24 PM
    Build up email support. Bezos says it has the best integration of any tablet with Microsoft Exchange. That's a bone for corporate users.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:30:34 PM
    new email geared toward corporate users. What the Blackberry Playbook should have had...
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:30:47 PM
    Bezos talking about kids using the device. He has four kids.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:31:31 PM
    "We wondered if we could build some tools that would limit ... negotiation" with kids.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:31:51 PM
    Kindle FreeTime. a tool that sets screen time limits on the device.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:32:02 PM
    Time limits for kids. Yes, it's a built in app. My kids will hate me.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:32:16 PM

    Screen time limits for kids.

  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:32:18 PM
    Separate settings for reading vs. movies, for example. And separate settings for different users.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:32:20 PM
    Brilliant. Apple needs to do this.
  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:32:51 PM
    Demo time...
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:32:55 PM
    More demos now.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:33:21 PM

    Blue screen for kids so parents can tell from across the room.

  • David Carnoy 9/6/2012 6:33:22 PM
    Bezos actually seems a bit more animated than usual. He's pretty fired up, excuse the pun.
  • Jay Greene 9/6/2012 6:33:46 PM
    Showing the smoothness of the carousel in HD. A lot of processing power to make that so.
  • David Hamilton 9/6/2012 6:33:51 PM
    Multiple user support, apparently.
  • James Martin 9/6/2012 6:34:04 PM
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