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Apple's March 21 event

The company will show off its newest iPhone and iPad -- as well as some possible Apple Watch updates -- during an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:31:36 PM
    Welcome to CNET's live coverage of today's Apple event in Cupertino, California.
  • Dan R 3/21/2016 4:32:42 PM
    Ready to be wowed!
  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:33:25 PM
    CNET's Shara Tibken (@sharatibken) and Scott Stein (@jetscott) are on the ground in Cupertino today. They'll be here shortly to bring you all the news as it breaks.
  • Jfiggy 3/21/2016 4:33:31 PM
    How do you watch the event
  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:33:57 PM
    @jfiggy Apple will be live-streaming the event for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows 10 users. Here's how you can tune in.
  • Samantha 3/21/2016 4:34:00 PM
    Looking forward to this.
  • Samantha 3/21/2016 4:34:49 PM
    Has anyone heard any supposed updates to the watch this time around?
  • Patrick Joseph Calimquim 3/21/2016 4:34:55 PM
    where is the live coverage??
  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:36:44 PM
    We expect Apple to show off a new 4-inch iPhone today, known unofficially at the moment as the iPhone SE, and a follow-up to the iPad Air 2. (Read more here.) What do you want to see?

  • jasper 3/21/2016 4:36:56 PM
  • MrCelroy 3/21/2016 4:36:57 PM
  • SwapFrance 3/21/2016 4:37:03 PM
    I will only buy new iphone if it content force touch display otherwise i am happy with my iphone 5....and i like Sharon Profis she is so pretty... :-)
  • jack 3/21/2016 4:37:06 PM
    what upgradation we can expect from apple in iphone or ipad.
  • Saman 3/21/2016 4:37:07 PM
    Looking forward for an update to the iPhone
  • Pratik 3/21/2016 4:37:11 PM
    No need to go back to the 4inch phone, should have released a 5inch phone which is the perfect size
  • Jay D 3/21/2016 4:37:21 PM
    Any chance Apple may want to jump on the VR bandwagon? May be a good move considering their impact on mobile gaming over the years. And imagine the possibilities with VR and Facetime
  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:39:37 PM
    Here's what we know about the "iPhone Mini," aka the iPhone SE 
  • Daisy 3/21/2016 4:40:31 PM
    What are the odds of apple changing it's front? It would be great if they have their own edge style.. I was all for getting the samsung s7 edge but their's been too many issues being reported.. I'm praying that apple will dare try a new look.
  • jack 3/21/2016 4:40:33 PM
    what are the chances that the 4 inch iphone will be an great product of apple.
  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:40:53 PM
    Apple's event is set to start at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET.
  • Adrian 3/21/2016 4:40:56 PM
    I still use iphone 5. 4 incher is not dead yet. I think it is perfect size. And VR is gimmick
  • 3/21/2016 4:40:58 PM
    Any one think they'll utilize liquid metal in the new iPhone?
  • jayc_m 3/21/2016 4:41:05 PM
    Wee weee.. Ipaaaaad... Omg..
  • Da1Gai 3/21/2016 4:41:13 PM
    I would buy the 4-inch iPhone, but if the specs are barley upgraded, I would be disappointed.
  • Nate E 3/21/2016 4:41:45 PM
    Wonder what backlash if Apple did cut the headphone jack? Personally will be soooo disappointed...
  • Money 3/21/2016 4:41:49 PM
    Are you joking?
  • jason 3/21/2016 4:41:52 PM
    how do you watch it live on iPhone or computer
  • Carrie Mihalcik 3/21/2016 4:42:03 PM
    Apple will be live-streaming the event for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows 10 users. Here's how you can tune in.
  • VINCENTtheLAW 3/21/2016 4:42:21 PM
    ...I'm waiting for the Apple Car...oh, it's not today...ok - I'm out!
  • 3/21/2016 4:42:26 PM
    Wireless EarPods alone would be a game changer
  • applebits 3/21/2016 4:42:30 PM
    Time for another Family Meeting With Uncle Tim. :-)
  • Coz 3/21/2016 4:43:06 PM
    I developed tendonitis (DeQuervain's) after jumping to a larger phone, too (HTC One). I think it was from the thumb reaching.
  • benelj89 3/21/2016 4:43:31 PM
    I would think that apple would want to keep the device length in the realm of the 5/5S, but maybe give a bigger screen/smaller bezel and shape in line with the 6. I guess that the screen will be above 4 inches (4.2"), but not much more.
  • Sebastien 3/21/2016 4:43:40 PM
    On Apple's website, the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S pages aren't available.
  • Adrian 3/21/2016 4:43:41 PM
    Uncle Timo will reward us with 16GB base model
  • Trucker 3/21/2016 4:44:07 PM
    Hopefully iPhones will be wireless charging
  • Arvind 3/21/2016 4:45:18 PM
    Wireless charging is for iPhone 7
  • deedr1234 3/21/2016 4:45:21 PM
    Hopefully the iphone will have bigger battery!
  • doing 3/21/2016 4:45:25 PM
  • 3/21/2016 4:45:26 PM
    Year of the iPhone!
  • Dev 3/21/2016 4:45:28 PM
    @Trucker I doubt it...I wish though.
  • HamzaJoozer 3/21/2016 4:45:29 PM
    Get rid of 16 GB model Tim please.
  • doing 3/21/2016 4:45:31 PM
  • Arvind 3/21/2016 4:45:34 PM
    U ll get a 4 inch iPhone with the specs of the current iPod
  • Shara Tibken 3/21/2016 4:48:12 PM
    Hey everyone! Scott and I just got into Town Hall, and we're getting all set up.
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