Apple iPad live blog (Wednesday, March 7) | CNET

Apple iPad live blog (Wednesday, March 7)

CNET brings you live news from Apple's special event in San Francisco.

  • John Falcone 3/7/2012 5:49:01 PM
    Rumors for the new Apple TV box include: faster processor, 1080p video support, maybe additional apps (channels), and Siri support--but all of that is completely speculative
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:50:10 PM
    Got some pics coming up folks, the Internet connectivity here has been...interesting.
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 5:51:15 PM
  • Rich Brown 3/7/2012 5:51:27 PM
    We were talking about how Siri would work on an Apple TV earlier. Katzmaier thought, and I agree, that there's much less room for error in the living room than with a smart phone.
  • John Falcone 3/7/2012 5:51:31 PM
    The Apple Store is down, which basically confirms that new products are coming:
  • John Falcone 3/7/2012 5:52:16 PM
    Latest rumors were that the new iPad would be available the Friday after next: March 16. Again, unconfirmed.
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 5:53:42 PM
  • John Falcone 3/7/2012 5:54:07 PM
    Inside the event, we've got Josh Lowensohn, Donald Bell, and Jason Parker
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 5:54:49 PM
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 5:55:34 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:55:52 PM
    Word on the street is that Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein is here. A good sign we'll see some gaming demo here.
  • Jason Parker 3/7/2012 5:55:57 PM
    Hello everyone! Waiting for the show to begin!
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:56:22 PM
    The company showed off Infinity Blade 2 at the iPhone 4S event in October.
  • John Falcone 3/7/2012 5:56:50 PM
    For those joining late: here are all the rumors and news so far:
  • John Falcone 3/7/2012 5:57:55 PM
    On the phone w/ Donald Bell, if you're watching the Buzz Out Loud livestream, above.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:58:43 PM
    Here we go. CEO Tim Cook on stage.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:58:46 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:58:58 PM
    Big smile, and applause to go with it.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:59:12 PM
    Cook's thanking everyone for coming. "We have a great morning planned," Cook says.
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 5:59:41 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 5:59:42 PM
    First up. "The post-PC revolution." It's happening all around us and at an amazing pace," he says. That's the place where the PC is no longer at the center of that world, he explains.
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 6:00:14 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:00:18 PM
    Things need to be more portable, and personal than any PC has been. Cook says the company already has three of those: the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:00:42 PM
    "In many ways the iPad is reinventing portable computing, and it's outstripping the wildest of predictions," Cook says.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:01:06 PM
    Cook says any company would be happy to have just one, but at Apple they have all three. Last year the company sold 172 million "post-PC" devices.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:01:23 PM
    That was 76 percent of the company's revenues. "This is incredible," Cook says.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:02:33 PM
    "It plays to our strengths, it's what we love to do," Cook says. First example of that we're getting is retail stores.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:05:00 PM
    Cook shows off the Grand Central store in NY. Apple made a video to show off the opening of the store.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:05:09 PM
    Lots of happy people chatting, playing with gadgets.
  • Michelle Meyers 3/7/2012 6:05:35 PM
    I'm gonna post for Josh...we're having a few problems
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:05:44 PM
    And that video's over. Applause for that.
  • Michelle Meyers 3/7/2012 6:06:11 PM
    Never mind, he's back!! Sorry folks.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:06:24 PM
    Cook now moving onto iOS, the OS that runs the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Cook says 315 million devices through last year, and 62 million of those were from just last quarter.
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 6:06:25 PM
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 6:06:50 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:06:50 PM
    Cook going over Siri now. "Siri running on the iPhone for us, Siri is your best friend, your intelligent personal assistant who gets things done just by asking. It's a whole new way to interface with your phone."
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:07:22 PM
    Cook pointing out how most people know what Siri sounds like on the U.S. versus other countries. First up Australia and France.
  • Donald Bell 3/7/2012 6:07:34 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:07:37 PM
    Today: Siri coming to Japan.
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:08:24 PM
    Going to Japan "in the next few weeks."
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:08:45 PM
    iOS 5.1 rolling out today. Going out to users in Japan in "the
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:11:39 PM
    It runs 1080p Cook says. Comes with a new
  • Jason Parker 3/7/2012 6:11:47 PM
    Will the 1080p Apple TV be the one that makes more people jump on board to buy another piece of hardware?
  • Josh Lowensohn 3/7/2012 6:12:31 PM
    Eddy Cue, Apple SVP up on stage now, giving us a demo of the new hardware. Very app-style looking experience. Instead of the side to side style UI, it's now a big bunch of app-style icons.
  • Michelle Meyers 3/7/2012 6:12:33 PM
    From Josh: Cook going over iCloud now. Just talking about the features so far, but now it supports Movies, Cook says. Big applause for that. You can re-download movies you've purchased on any of your devices. Also today, Movies and TV shows support 1080p HD.
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