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CES 2013: Dish's press conference live blog

Dish's CES announcement.

  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 10:32:45 PM
    Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. The Dish press conference will start at 3, but stay tuned.
  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 10:41:06 PM
    I admit, I'm not a Dish user. But perhaps you are.
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 10:45:58 PM
    Some interesting stuff coming up, so stay tuned. I'm David Carnoy and I'm providing "color" commentary for the event.
  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 10:53:33 PM
    So, comment away. I'll help where I can.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 10:54:19 PM
    Hey it's Roger Cheng, executive editor for CNET News. I'm on the scene and ready to roll.
  • adonis baybayan 1/7/2013 10:54:25 PM
    i love dish :)
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 10:55:24 PM
    Dish, as you can imagine, doesn't have the same pull as a Samsung. But the ballroom they've reserved for this press conference is fairly packed.
  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 10:55:50 PM
    @adonis baybayan what do you love most about it?
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 10:55:52 PM
    They've got some cute swag on the table: stuffed kangeroos (Hopper), and little bags and boomerangs.
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 10:57:20 PM
    Dish CEO Joe Clayton loves mascots for his products. He used to work for RCA, which had Nipper, the dog. He also worked for Sirius, which also had a dog mascot.
  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 10:58:55 PM
    @David Carnoy I was going to ask what that was all about.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 10:59:29 PM

    Here's the swag at the press conference. Cute.

  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 11:00:14 PM
    That's just adorable.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:00:14 PM

    The Hopper mascot entertains while we waited in line.

  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 11:00:37 PM
    These are somewhat ratlike.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:00:50 PM
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:00:56 PM
    He kind of reminds me of ALF for some reason.
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 11:01:15 PM
    The Joey is cuter.
  • Scott Stein 1/7/2013 11:02:39 PM
    will there be another live one?
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:03:39 PM
    Okay, the show is about to start. 30 seconds...
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 11:04:21 PM
    Sorry to kill the anticipation, but here's my write up for the new product, Dish Hopper with Sling: reviews.cnet.com
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:04:52 PM
    The light goes dark and cue to the promo video of last year's Hopper debut.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:05:00 PM
    That mascot, apparently, gets around.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:06:24 PM
    This is a pretty long video talking up the progress of the Hopper.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:06:47 PM
    Dish CEO Joy Clayton and the Hopper heads up on the stage.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:07:05 PM
    It's a funny Blues Brothers scene between the two. Nice to see an exec with personality.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:07:13 PM
    Clayton is rocking the hats and shades.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:07:25 PM
    Oh dear, now Clayton is now rapping with the dancing Hopper.
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 11:07:28 PM
    Intro will be: "How do you top the Hop?"
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:07:33 PM
    This is kind of surreal.
  • james rivas 1/7/2013 11:07:34 PM
    Prepair to be dishmazed
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:08:08 PM
    "We embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the company," he says, focusing less on tech and more consumers.
  • Josh Miller 1/7/2013 11:08:16 PM
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 11:08:21 PM
    Joe Clayton is known to be one of the more colorful tech CEOs.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:08:26 PM
    Touts the new Dish logo, Hopper mascot, new marketing team, and a more consumer friendly Web site.
  • Josh Miller 1/7/2013 11:09:10 PM
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:09:10 PM
    TV commercials, radio spots, newspaper ads, online and social media - Dish is there.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:09:27 PM
    Clayton talks Hopper and its DishNet service.
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:09:52 PM
    He touts the "broadcaster's favorite feature," AutoHop. Ha!
  • Josh Miller 1/7/2013 11:10:00 PM
  • Josh Miller 1/7/2013 11:10:03 PM
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:10:08 PM
    Plays a Hopper spot that the networks don't like, he says.
  • Josh Miller 1/7/2013 11:10:44 PM
  • Roger Cheng 1/7/2013 11:11:12 PM
    Broadcasters will have you believe consumers are breaking the law if they skip commercials, he says. Well, I guess we're a nation of outlaws.
  • David Carnoy 1/7/2013 11:11:15 PM
    Dish has good lawyers. They won their lawsuit with the networks over this feature.
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