CNET's Apple event live blog (Tuesday, October 23) | CNET

CNET's Apple event live blog (Tuesday, October 23)

Join CNET for live coverage of Apple's special event from the California Theatre in San Jose, Calif.

  • Sean Cahill 10/23/2012 4:11:11 PM
    Price is key and innovation...something I think will be lacking for mini.
  • ChefTakla 10/23/2012 4:11:26 PM
    I want to see the iphone 5s
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 4:12:00 PM
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 4:12:19 PM
    We're getting far more comments than we can post, so only a fraction will appear. My apologies! This is a lively event so far, and we're still about 45 minutes away from its start!
  • daniinnc 10/23/2012 4:12:22 PM
    You hit the nail on the head. Normal folks like my office mate who barely knows how to turn on his computer will go for the least expensive tablet unless the iPad Mini does something super special.
  • FlawedEngineer 10/23/2012 4:12:32 PM
    My prediction: iPad mini will have A5, low res camera and screen resolution, no Siri and will cost at least $320.
  • wildstar34 10/23/2012 4:12:37 PM
    too early for a 5s
  • Jesse 10/23/2012 4:13:01 PM
    As long as the Base range for the Mini is round 250$. That would be perfect for me.
  • Wayne 10/23/2012 4:13:11 PM
    Any chance of a real apple surprise? Don't know how long this company can go without something really new.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 4:13:20 PM
  • SAM 10/23/2012 4:13:21 PM
    Needs to be cheaper than the iPad, I think Apple needs a large product distribution this time around. Hopefully the specs and quality matches the original iPad, exceeding features??? Awesome guys.
  • Vitor 10/23/2012 4:13:58 PM
    What time will start the conference?
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 4:14:00 PM
  • Kyle miller 10/23/2012 4:14:11 PM
    How about the Apple TV Steve jobs talked about
  • dannys_kitchen 10/23/2012 4:14:23 PM
    I'll take a redesigned iMac even without Retina Display -- the screens are beautiful as is -- and I don't want the price to skyrocket if they do.
  • A-S 10/23/2012 4:14:27 PM
    When do you believe the distribution date would be for the mini ipad ? 2 weeks like the Iphone 5 ?
  • Donald 10/23/2012 4:14:30 PM
    If this is the iPad Mini, what is the most important feature that everyone would want on the device?
  • Christopher MacManus 10/23/2012 4:14:33 PM
    Hi everyone, just a pro tip for our live chat readers. You can click on the Options bar near the “Make a comment” button to adjust font size, turn viewer comments on/off, change the sounds, or even enable international translation (with support for many languages).
  • Spike Emlet 10/23/2012 4:14:44 PM
    For one, you need to do kermit again, that was good, but also, I think that the ipad mini may be the must have gift for the holiday, what do you guys think?
  • TECHjitsu 10/23/2012 4:14:56 PM
    My hope is for a "one more thing..." announcement of a video/TV subscription service through iTunes that will compete with Netflix/Amazon Prime Instant Video!
  • TrueDat 10/23/2012 4:15:01 PM
    Heckava theater.
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 4:15:04 PM
    Vitor: the event begins in 45 minutes.
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 4:15:22 PM
    TrueDat: Yep, that would be James Martin, on the lenses, taking photos from San Jose for us today.
  • Linds 10/23/2012 4:15:26 PM
    I just hope that the iPad Mini isn't going to be a result of a rushed product to compete with Microsoft and all of the hype around Windows 8 and their tablet
  • TreenMedia 10/23/2012 4:15:47 PM
    The iPad had the same effect the microwave had in the 80's. You didn't know you needed a microwave until you had one. Now microwaves are indepensable. Does the iPad mnii have room to fit that same place in uor homes? Thats what they have to convince us today.
  • Karim 10/23/2012 4:16:06 PM
    The events gonna be great, but I'm most excited about the 13" MacBook pro with retina display. However there is no doubt that the iPad mini with have all the specs of the iPhone 5, but with a bigger screen, long live the apple
  • Katrina Paquin 10/23/2012 4:16:17 PM
    I agree, I stay with Apple products because of the consistency of IOS!
  • Pam 10/23/2012 4:16:49 PM
    id like a camera in the mini and love apple tv to be announced..
  • Glen 10/23/2012 4:16:52 PM
    Price point for IPad Mini will be crucial to its success.
  • MWEX 10/23/2012 4:17:00 PM
    I would love to see a completely new product that no one saw coming. That is what would impress me.
  • c1111 10/23/2012 4:17:46 PM
    will there be an iPad mini? If you want the iPad experience but not the cost you buy an iPad 2 or original/refurbished iPad. If you want something smaller you buy an iPhone or cheaper, an iPod touch. When Steve Jobs announced the original iPad, there was one space between 'iPhone' and 'Mac' not two. In launching an iPad mini Apple would decrease the user experience and clutter their product offering resulting in many satisfied customers like Samsung not many more truly happy ones
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 4:18:14 PM
    To recap, for those CNET readers joining us late, here's a last-minute update on what you might expect today: Rich Brown on what Macs to expect: And info on streaming from an Apple TV and some other devices:
  • Al 10/23/2012 4:18:27 PM
    The need to annouce the scrapping if itunes and a total revamp of ios to survive the android, bb10,and wp8 onslought.
  • Abc1018 10/23/2012 4:18:38 PM
    I would love to see an Apple TV so much
  • xeyedmary 10/23/2012 4:18:47 PM
    I'm compiling a new kernel, watching C/Net, and chatting with friends all at the same time. Tnx Apple!
  • GLP 10/23/2012 4:19:06 PM
    iOS customization is for uber users, like Brian. The masses just want their iPad or iPhone, or Mac work without having to deal with arcane settings and tweaks.
  • Karl 10/23/2012 4:19:20 PM
    as an IOS developer, im concerned with the screen size fragmentation that is now occuring. but they really need a retina 7" or it will flop
  • Daniel-Pate 10/23/2012 4:19:40 PM
    The much-less-rumored Apple Remote would be nice.
  • euwirethien 10/23/2012 4:19:57 PM
    As long as the Mini is as cheap as the new Kindle Fire and the spec is better that maybe my choice I live in the UK and have been looking for a table a while but the IPad is way out of my price ramng
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 4:20:24 PM
    @Karl: Agreed. It makes for a lot more work for developers. Though Android isn't any better.
  • Steve 10/23/2012 4:20:27 PM
    I found in interesting that just to get to this live stream you had to be careful to where you clicked on the CNET homepage. If you weren't careful you would be sent to an endless barrage of Samsung GSIII Youtube videos. Hilarious!
  • brandon a 10/23/2012 4:20:29 PM
    News about upgraded maps app would be welcome
  • Aboma 10/23/2012 4:20:51 PM
    Apple Television "just one more thing...???"
  • Al 10/23/2012 4:21:05 PM
    7" tablets like the nexus and playbook are a fantastic size, however they dont look particularly impressive in a big box warehouse retailer.
  • Juan 10/23/2012 4:21:06 PM
    Hey guys, do you know when iPhone 5 is coming to Mexico? I own an iPod touch and iPad 2, but I´ve never own an iPhone. Thanks!
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