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CNET's Apple event live blog (Tuesday, October 23)

Join CNET for live coverage of Apple's special event from the California Theatre in San Jose, Calif.

  • WTF 10/23/2012 6:41:52 PM
    NO nvidia graphics card in the new 13 macpro, this is just an air with better proccesor!
  • Googley 10/23/2012 6:41:55 PM
    For $329 why not just pay the xtra for a full size tab doesn't seem economical more comical!
  • Aditya N Murthy 10/23/2012 6:42:19 PM
    Pure day-light robbery. I've lost all my faith in Apple products.
  • Hexsneaker 10/23/2012 6:42:20 PM
    A6X will be on the new iphone 5s?!?!
  • Salman 10/23/2012 6:42:31 PM
    the last "New iPad " with retina display is now unavailable on the online store at least in my country
  • rudolph323 10/23/2012 6:42:35 PM
    nexus 7
  • Amanda 10/23/2012 6:42:37 PM
    based on the comparison here on CNet, I'd still go with Google
  • Aditya N Murthy 10/23/2012 6:42:38 PM
    @Im excited to get one!!... Definitely the Nexus.
  • Leeds 10/23/2012 6:42:45 PM
    @Im excited to get one!!... Nexus 7 has better specs, is cheaper and fits in your pocket. It's a no-brainer. Buy the good one.
  • Stewart 10/23/2012 6:42:58 PM
    I'm so glad I waited 3 years to buy an iPad. Now I have really great choices. This is way I didn't buy the iPhone 5.
  • Duh 10/23/2012 6:42:59 PM
    Google Pad (7 Inch-$249-4G)
  • nikecar 10/23/2012 6:43:06 PM
    @Googley for $329 I'd save up an extra $100 and get the Asus Transformer lines (either the 300 or the 700 with a bit extra $$).
  • Morten Ringgaard 10/23/2012 6:43:08 PM
    Why do you only talk about price? Look at the line up and see how it fits. The iPad mini is not there to be a price crusher, but to fit in size where the current iPad dosn't
  • bliss1981 10/23/2012 6:43:10 PM
    iOS and OS X are still so much better than anything from Windows or Android, the other guys' products just don't compare. I don't care how much useless hardware they cram into their stuff.
  • Evanalmightyyy 10/23/2012 6:43:17 PM
    @Hexsneaker says who?
  • Coder_K 10/23/2012 6:43:28 PM
    I'm a huge Apple fan but Google has been a lot better at innovating.
  • GaelicSoxFan 10/23/2012 6:43:31 PM
    Here come all the Droid trolls...
  • Zero 10/23/2012 6:43:35 PM
    Doesn't the Apple site say the new iTunes is coming out in October...
  • Steve Waddell 10/23/2012 6:43:37 PM
    iWork can't compete with MS Office even if it was updated. Mail sucks, as does Numbers, etc.
  • Hexsneaker 10/23/2012 6:43:37 PM
  • Amanda 10/23/2012 6:43:44 PM
    But i'm going to see what Google comes out with on Monday. Would love one w/ a 3G/$G network
  • LeeInLeetonia 10/23/2012 6:43:53 PM
    Set your calendar for Oct 29th. It will likely unplug the Apple iPad mini and apple may never recover.
  • Eye4detail 10/23/2012 6:43:55 PM
    Guys, don't worry about the Mini not having a retina display. It looks like Apple will probably just put out a retina version in less than a year anyway. I mean, if they're willing to anger this many iPad customers, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to do so to their Mini customers soon enough.
  • Salman 10/23/2012 6:44:03 PM
    the last 'New iPad' is now unavailable on the online store
  • Matty321 10/23/2012 6:44:09 PM
    If they did a trade in for iPad 3 I would have no issue with what they are doing. Also Applecare, does that mean if I get 6 months of applecare for my device??
  • Evanalmightyyy 10/23/2012 6:44:50 PM
    @GaelicSoxFan Seen a lot of people who own Apple products in here complaining. It isn't just trolls.
  • mikeinva8 10/23/2012 6:44:53 PM
    I think the iPad mini will still be better then the Nexus and the Fire, which breaks on one drop (see Mollys test), you get what you pay for.
  • Jeremy 10/23/2012 6:44:55 PM
    There is one problems with anything management. I work in a school district where we want to deploy about 300 iPad's around our buildings in carts. Tell me a way to "image" an Android Tablet and ensure that every device has the same App content and account information, along with security properties. This new iPad Mini is PERFECT for education.
  • bangladeshi 10/23/2012 6:45:03 PM
    y compare nexus 7 with ipad mini? ITS WAYYY blown away in terms of price.Price wasnt an issue earlier as it was a premium thing but now Apple is losing that.
  • _ArcTic_FiRe 10/23/2012 6:45:08 PM
    who says the new iPad has been discontinued. Are you guys drunk?
  • Ryan 10/23/2012 6:45:34 PM
    I've been waiting for this new MacBook Pro and I must say I am quite dissappointed with the specs. It's basically an Air with a better processor. Real dissappointed, especially since I have been waiting for so long!
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 6:46:01 PM
    A reminder: Folks, we're still moderating the comments. Otherwise we'd have the 12-year olds pretending to be the ghost of Steve Jobs or posting vulgar comments.
  • Gman 10/23/2012 6:46:05 PM
    Brian Tong reminds me of Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec. You going to be doing the Google event live stream too?
  • Evanalmightyyy 10/23/2012 6:46:06 PM
    @mikeinva8 Don't drop your expensive technology. THat is your own fault honestly if it gets broken.
  • Carlos Berrios 10/23/2012 6:46:10 PM
    @Jeremy The beauty of Android is that you can customize it to your school needs... Just saying...
  • wasting money 10/23/2012 6:46:12 PM
    $329 dollars is too much for me. I'll stick with the old version I have
  • Duh 10/23/2012 6:46:31 PM
    LG India Confirms that Google Will Announce LG Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 on Oct 29 ... "Google will unveil the LG Nexus on October 29 and the phone will be ...
  • Tap tapia 10/23/2012 6:46:35 PM
    And I thought it was just going to be an iPad mini launch
  • Heiji 10/23/2012 6:46:38 PM
    Molly: you keep hammering the 7.9" iPad Mini screen size BUT the product dimensions are same as Samsung Galaxy Tab. Bigger screen but same overall size so it sits in your hand the same. Check specs!
  • Duh 10/23/2012 6:46:44 PM
    India Confirms that Google Will Announce LG Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 on Oct 29 ... "Google will unveil the LG Nexus on October 29 and the phone will be ...
  • Kyono Madoka 10/23/2012 6:46:46 PM
    Going to wait... for the MacBook S w/ Retina Display (apple surface lel)
  • opanto39 10/23/2012 6:46:52 PM
    Explains why they stopped using the iPad number last time, they knew this was coming. These guys are no fools.
  • Declan McCullagh 10/23/2012 6:47:11 PM
    For those tuning in late, here's CNET's coverage of the iPad Mini: Fourth-generation iPad with A6X processor:$499/ The new iMacs: Hands on with the new iMac: The 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display:$1699/
  • Duh 10/23/2012 6:48:04 PM
    Google will unveil the LG Nexus on October 29 and the phone will be available in the Indian markets by the end of November," LG Mobile Product Planning head Amit Gujral said. Google is said to be doubling its security efforts with 4.2 (which could be called Key Lime Pie). It’s also allegedly bringing a new Gmail, a quick settings panel, a revised gallery application and multiple accounts for tablets.
  • Me 10/23/2012 6:48:07 PM
    @_ArcTic_FiRe The iPad2 is gone from their lineup!
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