CNET's live blog of Facebook's 'big idea' press conference | CNET

CNET's live blog of Facebook's 'big idea' press conference

Join CNET live for the social network's latest cryptic announcement.

  • Anne Dujmovic 6/20/2013 5:32:02 PM
    Instagram up to 130M users snapping photos, soon video
  • Anne Dujmovic 6/20/2013 5:29:38 PM
    Facebook announces video on Instagram
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:25:46 PM
    Cheers all around from FB staff.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:25:54 PM
    They are super stoked.
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:26:10 PM
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:26:29 PM
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:26:35 PM
    He's now playing a demo video.
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:26:55 PM
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:27:29 PM
    Videos of happy people playing, driving, chillin', etc. using Instagram.
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:27:47 PM
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:28:08 PM
    Q&A time!
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:28:38 PM
  • Paul Sloan 6/20/2013 5:28:38 PM
    Hey all, stick around for Q&A.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:28:44 PM
    Q: will videos post natively on FB Timeline? A: Yes.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:29:16 PM
    Q: What's the impact from a server perspective? A: We've got 3/4 of our team in our room, the other 1/4 is manning the server right now.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:29:48 PM
    Q: How are you guys interacting with hashtags on FB?
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:30:27 PM
    A: nothing changed on instagram with hashtag stuff.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:30:34 PM
    Q: why is 6 seconds not long enough?
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:31:06 PM
    A: I think it's an artistic choice. It will depend on the user. People can record what they want.
  • charles.cooper 6/20/2013 5:31:26 PM
    Stay tuned for the Q&A
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:31:28 PM
  • charles.cooper 6/20/2013 5:31:56 PM
    Opening up the comments forum until then
  • Tr788 6/20/2013 5:31:58 PM
    Will instagram allow the taking of video formerly on the camera roll? That is one feature that Vine lacks.
  • Marshall Steeves 6/20/2013 5:32:00 PM
    I heard no announced date. When will this become available to the public?
  • Retired911 6/20/2013 5:32:02 PM
    when will be available?
  • Jay See 6/20/2013 5:32:03 PM
    RIP Vine, 6 sec too short, not to mention the amount of spam.
  • ideahost 6/20/2013 5:32:05 PM
    How will a vid/ Instagram post feed through Hootsuite or other decks, ie, what will it look like?
  • Tr788 6/20/2013 5:32:07 PM
    Instagram as we know it. Is gone
  • L. Angel Hyder 6/20/2013 5:32:09 PM
    So how will these work with uploading. Will this take alot of usage from our mobile internet connection to upload the clips to instagram?
  • eepa123 6/20/2013 5:32:12 PM
    When will the video option be available on Instagram for iPhone?
  • cpmjja 6/20/2013 5:32:14 PM
    When does this update become available for Android and iOS?
  • L. Angel Hyder 6/20/2013 5:32:16 PM
    when will this be available. im stoke on the ideas that is popping in my head to do with this. #Awesome
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:33:07 PM
  • Kevin 6/20/2013 5:33:19 PM
    its already available as an update. it is pretty cool
  • FullmetalAV8r 6/20/2013 5:33:23 PM
    Has Instagram modified their Terms of Use/Privacy/Rights? Do they own your video as well as pics?
  • L. Angel Hyder 6/20/2013 5:33:40 PM
    i think you guys did a wonderful job with the product. what will be the max amount of uploads we can have to our accounts?
  • IrishCalifornian 6/20/2013 5:33:47 PM
    This seems like old hack (submitting videos) to me.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:33:52 PM
    Q about editing. Kevin says they want to keep it simple.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:33:58 PM
    Q: Advertising?
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:34:12 PM
    A: This is driven by consumer demand and not by business.
  • charles.cooper 6/20/2013 5:34:35 PM
    OK folks, with the Q&A going, we're shutting down comments again
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:34:38 PM
    I think there's a natural business opportunity on Instagram, he says, but with video we didn't have an advertising unit in mind. we started with the users
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:35:15 PM
    Q: can you import videos from camera roll? A:not in this first version.
  • James Martin 6/20/2013 5:35:21 PM
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:35:27 PM
    Again, it's about simplicity, he says
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:35:46 PM
    But, if it makes sense later, they will add
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:36:02 PM
    Q: Can you tag people in video?
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:36:44 PM
    A: We've left that out, mostly because it's a complex experience to tag people...but i think it's something we will consider going forward.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:36:55 PM
    Q: Google Glass thoughts?
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:37:13 PM
    A: I have not used Google Glass yet and if anyone's listening, I would love to use Google Glass.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:37:47 PM
    Honestly, we have to do on the platforms we are on right now and we're going to focus on those platforms. (So, no Instagram on Google Glass).
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:38:08 PM
    Q: What's the minimum video length? A: 3 seconds
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:38:25 PM
    Q: how location plays a role?
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:38:57 PM
    A: Instagram doesn't need language for users to communicate.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:39:50 PM
    He thinks video has cultural implications. People can lean about different cultures and break down barriers.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:40:23 PM
    Q: another question about TOS/ownership of videos. A: We have no plans to use those videos for advertising. He is reiterating his statements from before.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:41:03 PM
    Q: how will teams review video? A: Leverage FB's systems to monitor and flag videos. We want to make sure we have very clear community guidelines for video and photos.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:41:31 PM
    OK, folks. That's a wrap! Demo time.
  • Donna Tam 6/20/2013 5:47:35 PM
    I'm hearing from iOS users that the update for this is available now, but it doesn't seem to be ready on Google Play.
  • charles.cooper 6/20/2013 6:12:32 PM
    Thanks for stopping by. Watch for follow-up stories on CNET.
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