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Google I/O 2016

I/O 2016, Google's annual developer conference, starts with a bang on Wednesday, May 18. Android N and virtual reality are expected to be two of the big highlights, with plenty more on deck.

  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:46:11 PM
    Now we're moving onto security and privacy in Allo.
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:46:19 PM
    Erik is back on stage for that.
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:47:02 PM
    "We realize sometimes people want to be Incognito" so they created Incognito mode, like in Chrome.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:47:35 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:47:38 PM
    There's end to end encryption, private chats, and expiring chats
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:47:47 PM
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:47:56 PM

    "We anticipate adding even more security features to it over time," says Kay.
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:48:01 PM
    Now we're moving on to video calling.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:48:08 PM
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:48:49 PM
    There is a hugely distracting noise coming from the rafters of the huge Shoreline tent while Kay speaks. A lot of audience members are looking up.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:48:54 PM
    Oh good, it stopped.
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:48:55 PM
    He announces Duo, a new video chat app.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:49:08 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:49:12 PM
    It's the video companion to Allo, he says.
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:49:25 PM
    It works for both Android and iOS
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:49:47 PM
    A new feature, Knock Knock, lets you see a live video feed of a caller before you pick up.
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:50:16 PM
    So you can know if its a good call or bad call, depending on the person's facial expression.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:50:20 PM
    "A smile, a beach, a newborn baby can all draw you into the moment," says Kay. But I anticipate using Knock Knock to avoid receiving calls from convicted felons, telemarketers, and occasionally family members.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:50:24 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:50:37 PM
    He's demoing the app with his adorable daughters
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:50:56 PM
    Okay that was legitimately very cute.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:51:57 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:52:09 PM
    Kay is now touting the underlying tech of Duo, which he says makes it very reliable.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:52:32 PM

    "We obsessed over every last detail of video transmission, hand-tuning and optimizing codecs, bandwidth probing, encryption and more." Geek-speak for "Google swears it's really, really good."
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:52:54 PM
    It can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and cellular, kind of like the tech Google uses for Fi, its experimental wireless carrier.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:53:52 PM
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:54:03 PM
    Now we're watching a sizzle reel for Duo, showing how Knock Knock could draw people into a call. Tickets to a concert, a wedding ring on a finger, oiled legs in front of a swimming pool. "Don't you want to know what's up?" is the unspoken message.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:54:13 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:54:26 PM
    Both Allo and Duo will be available this summer on iOS and Android.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:54:51 PM
    Dave Burke, director of engineering for Android, is on stage now. Maybe we'll talk about Android N?
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:55:11 PM
    "There's something wrong about nerds being allowed on a rock star stage like this," he quips.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:55:17 PM
    Dave Burke also has fantastic hair, in case you were wondering.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:55:34 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:55:56 PM
    He's touting Android's scale. It's the most popular mobile operating system in the world.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:56:06 PM
    "As Android continues to expand into new screens like on the wrist and in the car and on TVs and connected devices, there's increased opportunity for developers to reach users whether they're at home or on the go."
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:56:27 PM
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:56:36 PM
    There are 100 Android Auto cars and stereos, and there'll be another hundred "on the way by the end of the year," says Burke.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:56:46 PM
    He praises developers. The audience, made up of developers, clap.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:56:49 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:57:10 PM
    There have been 65 billion app installs from Google Play, he says.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:57:43 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:57:49 PM
    For the first time, Google released a preview version of Android N before I/O, in March.
  • Sean Hollister 5/18/2016 5:57:50 PM
    We're talking about Android N now.
  • James Martin 5/18/2016 5:57:57 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/18/2016 5:58:09 PM
    He announces a new Android naming contest
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