Google's and Intel's Chrome OS event

Google and Intel will reveal upcoming changes to the Chrome OS and may show off new Chromebooks. Join CNET for a live blog from San Francisco.

  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:26:36 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:26:56 PM
    Shenoy talking about Haswell and Bay Trail, which both debuted last year
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:27:07 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:27:41 PM
    New Bay Trail Chrome OS devices: Asus, Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo will have Bay Trail Chromebooks debuting throughout the year
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:27:49 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:28:01 PM
    the N20p announced last night, coming in August
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:28:12 PM
  • john.falcone 5/6/2014 5:28:25 PM
    Here are our hands-on impressions of the Lenovo N20/N20p:
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:28:56 PM
    now onto Chromebooks for education
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:29:34 PM
    Video time: the Science Leadership Academy in Philly is using Chromebooks for its students.
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:29:47 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:29:53 PM
    "they don't have to bring their charges because they have a really long battery life"
  • Eric Franklin 5/6/2014 5:30:06 PM
    Now showing shaky-cam documentary-looking video showcasing Chromebooks in schools.
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:30:17 PM
    school principal: Chromebooks good for 90 percent of what you do in school
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:30:29 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:30:49 PM
    other laptop shown in the video with the Chromebooks: a black Macbook
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:31:10 PM
    Chromebook Yoga, announced earlier this year, will come with Bay Trail
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:31:23 PM
    I'm a big fan of the Yoga line, I have a Yoga 13 at home and in the office.
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:31:33 PM
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:32:05 PM
  • john.falcone 5/6/2014 5:32:06 PM
    .... and here's our hands-on evaluation of the ThinkPad 11e (available in Windows and Chrome flavors):
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:32:17 PM
    "Bay Trail is optimized for power, optimized for performance"
  • Eric Franklin 5/6/2014 5:32:25 PM
    Intel's Education Chromebook reference design shown. Actual product coming from CTL later this year.
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:32:31 PM
    Up to 11 hours of battery life, up from 10 on Haswell
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:32:46 PM
    first Chrome devices that will be fanless, 15 percent lighter
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:32:57 PM
    first with 802.11ac
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:33:19 PM
    The Yoga is the closest you'll get to a Chromebook tablet.
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:33:21 PM
  • Eric Franklin 5/6/2014 5:33:57 PM
    I like laptops with touch and it's great on a Yoga-type system, but otherwise I forget it's even there.
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:34:05 PM
    AH. Thanks for the correction, Ian Ray. Not a black Macbook, but a Chromebook with an Apple sticker over the Dell logo.
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:34:17 PM
    one more thing!
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:34:47 PM
    Intel intends to ship its first "conflict-free" chip this year
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:35:01 PM
    tin, tantalum, gold, tungsten
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:35:17 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:35:28 PM
    the mines where these metals are dug up are often in "rough areas of the world"
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:36:05 PM
    Intel is making an effort to raise awareness of where the precious metals come from
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:36:26 PM
    video: "i'm an intel engineer, but more importantly i'm a human being"
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:37:32 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:37:34 PM
    Intel's video is good PR, but it doesn't say where or how the conflict-free chips are mined. A good move, but too light on details.
  • Eric Franklin 5/6/2014 5:37:52 PM
    Intel saying it will no longer get its minerals from mines controlled by warlords is a great sentiment. I'm just curious how they'll actually pull this off and in what volume these "conflict-free" processors will be produced.
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:37:56 PM
    All the devices shown off today will be powered by conflict-free Bay Trail and Haswell chips
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:38:27 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 5/6/2014 5:39:02 PM
    Shenoy summarizing the event: "a lot of new news, and expect more from us as we head into the Q4 time frame"
  • James Martin 5/6/2014 5:39:49 PM
  • Eric Franklin 5/6/2014 5:40:05 PM
    Vendor panel time.
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