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Intel CES 2015 keynote with CEO Brian Krzanich

CEO Brian Krzanich will present Intel's blueprint for the future at his CES 2015 keynote address on Tuesday, January 6. Likely topics include wearable tech, the Internet of Things and -- possibly -- Intel's new Broadwell chips.

  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 12:59:10 AM
    Sprout is a computer that also does 3D imaging.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 12:59:16 AM
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 12:59:35 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 12:59:48 AM
    Weisler: Sprout uses RealSense camera to see depth.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:00:02 AM
    Sprout was first announced in October.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:00:18 AM
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:00:44 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:00:44 AM
    Krzanich: 3D printing is near to my heart.
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:00:54 AM
    So far, it's clear that Intel has been putting a considerable amount of investment into RealSense. It's been the cornerstone of Krzanich's talk this whole time.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:01:10 AM
    Weisler: We decided to go into 3D printing when we could transform the industry.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:01:18 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:01:53 AM
    Weisler: Multi Jet Fusion can print faster, and print more-robust parts, than other 3D printers.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:02:08 AM
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:02:29 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:03:10 AM
    Multi Jet Fusion isn't out on the market yet and won't really be broadly available until 2016.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:03:23 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:03:28 AM
    Weisler: Multi Jet Fusion will be powered by Intel's Core i& processor.
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:03:45 AM
    Weisler is quite the salesman. Crowd seems more fired up for 3D printing right now than we've seen in quite some time.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:04:23 AM
    There's potential for Multi Jet Fusion to make a big change in 3D printing, but it's still being developed.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:04:51 AM
    Krzanich: We always have an eye on what's next. I want to get you a glimpse of what's in our labs.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:05:11 AM
    Krzanich: We're working on a 3D input with a 3D display.
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:05:12 AM
    Krzanich now talking "Star Wars" and "Minority Report" concepts come to life.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:05:35 AM
    The idea is to go beyond normal touchscreen -- a display floating in the air.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:06:07 AM
    In the demo, a guy is playing keys of piano without touching the screen.
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:06:29 AM
    We can only handle so much gesture-controlled air piano, after all.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:06:46 AM
    Krzanich: We haven't put this in a product yet, but it's a great idea of where future is heading. I want you to see where this technology is headed.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:07:18 AM
    OK, after about 30 minutes, we're moving away from RealSense to "intelligence everywhere."
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:07:21 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:07:36 AM
    Krzanich: Everything that was standalone is now becoming connected.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:07:49 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:07:53 AM
    This concept of Internet of Things has been a big theme of this year's CES.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:08:19 AM
    Both LG and Samsung, to name just two, discussed a lot about the Internet of Things at their presentations at CES this year.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:08:38 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:08:55 AM
    Demo has a woman entering her home by way of a machine reading her face.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:08:56 AM
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:08:59 AM
    Megan is locked out, everybody.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:09:04 AM
    OK, it's not wait. We got it.
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:09:40 AM
    "This completely changes what an intelligent home is about," which happens to be not getting inside your home for a few minutes one might think.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:09:45 AM
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:10:05 AM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:10:09 AM
    Krzanich: It would be impossible to talk about intelligence everywhere without talking about robotics. Intel has been working with iRobot, inventor of the Roomba vaccuum.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/7/2015 1:10:35 AM
    CEO of iRobot "on stage" with a telepresence robot. He's actually in Boston.
  • James Martin 1/7/2015 1:10:44 AM
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:10:45 AM
    We have iRobot CEO Colin Angle here via creepy rolling robot computer screen.
  • Nick Statt 1/7/2015 1:10:54 AM
    Otherwise known in corporate speak as "telepresence."
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