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Mercedes 2015 CES Keynote with Chairman Dieter Zetsche

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, will discuss "the latest advances in autonomous vehicle technology" (according to the CEA's press release) during his CES keynote address.

  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:36:01 AM
    Zero buttons inside the car
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:36:21 AM
    Uh oh, rear door failed to open, needed help from a stage hand
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:36:41 AM
    Four pedestal seats inside that can turn into a lounge position
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:36:43 AM
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:37:22 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:37:32 AM
    Free-floating control unit lets any seat control the car
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:37:45 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:38:15 AM
    Showing a movie with details on some of the car's uses
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:38:46 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:38:57 AM
    Big touchscreens in the door panels let people navigate, browse, or see outside the car
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:39:18 AM
    Proximity controls for the screens embedded into the sides of the car
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:39:30 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:40:09 AM
    This concept meets just about every expectation of future cars, except flying
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:41:02 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:41:14 AM
    Image from the 1950s showing an autonomous lounge car suggests we've been looking for a car like this for a long time
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:41:49 AM
    Zetsche says it is great to work for a company 'crazy enough' to put something like this on the road
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:42:20 AM
    Staffers from Mercedes-Benz Silicon Lab just got in and the car is going to drive off, I guess
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:42:33 AM
    Zetsche just wound up the keynote
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:43:07 AM
    Good keynote address with a truly amazing looking car
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:43:16 AM
    Hope you enjoyed the photos
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:44:04 AM
    That's it for the Mercedes-Benz keynote address, thanks for joining folks, we are out!
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