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Microsoft Surface event

Microsoft's Surface division has invited journalists to a "small gathering" in New York City on May 20. Best bets are for the unveiling of a Surface Mini tablet, along with a possible Surface Pro 3.

  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 3:55:26 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 3:55:34 PM
    "It takes all of Microsoft to come together to build a device. Satya and I spent plenty of time thinking about this specific thing."
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 3:56:25 PM
    We've spent almost one hour on the Surface Pro 3 already. Is there another product here or not? Thoughts?
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 3:56:42 PM
    Panos is saying that writing on paper is "personal" -- "There's plenty of people that just write it down and they wish that they could take it with them everywhere."
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 3:57:33 PM
    Panos just picked up the Surface pen, clicked the button on the back, and the tablet turned on. It went straight to OneNote for you to scribble away.
  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 3:57:49 PM
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 3:57:57 PM
    Then pen seems great -- is it included or sold separately?
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 3:58:33 PM
    But will I ditch Google Docs for OneNote? How many cloud presences must I maintain?
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 3:58:36 PM
    Click again and the note is uploaded to the cloud. "That's powerful, that is super powerful. That's everything. That's the Microsoft cloud coming to life."
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 3:58:49 PM
    Love the click-to-unlock pen button, however.
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 3:59:24 PM
    If anyone had "speeds and feeds" on their press conference bingo card, you win!
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 3:59:45 PM
    Panos now taking a picture with Surface Pro 3, double-clicking the pen to grab the image and pull it right into OneNote.
  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 4:00:09 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:00:34 PM
    You can then doodle on the image if you want, great for... you know, tracing, coloring books.
  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 4:00:48 PM
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 4:00:58 PM
    Interesting thought about moving the Windows button to the short side of the tablet, it re-contextualizes the device as a portrait mode device, which is how most people use the iPad, rather than a landscape mode device, which is how most Windows tablets are pitched/used.
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:01:31 PM
    Panos now describing tearing out a page of a magazine and scribbling on it. Now we're going to see the same thing from a digital version.
  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 4:01:55 PM
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 4:02:44 PM
    Uh oh -- Panos is using OneNote to subvert the WSJ pay wall!
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:02:54 PM
    Panos was able to take an image of an article, highlight the text he wanted, and pop it right into OneNote, and then share it.
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:03:46 PM
    $799 for the Surface Pro 3, orders start tomorrow!
  • dan.ackerman 5/20/2014 4:03:59 PM
    Ok, so $799 gets you Core i3 -- what about a keyboard/stylus?
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:04:00 PM
    Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 versions will be available. "I could talk all day, and it feels like I have."
  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 4:04:13 PM
  • sarahtew 5/20/2014 4:04:25 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:04:41 PM
    Hey, everyone in the crowd gets a Surface Pro 3! It's Oprah time!
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:04:46 PM
    And Panos is off the stage!
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:05:57 PM
    We're all getting loaners to try out. Yes, a loaner. We'll give you our impressions as soon as we can!
  • Tim Stevens 5/20/2014 4:06:13 PM
    And we're going to get some impressions and maybe some interviews, too. Thanks for watching everybody!
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