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Microsoft Windows 10 devices NYC event

Building on the success of its recent Windows 10 launch, Microsoft is turning its focus to hardware at an October 6 press event in New York City. Next generation versions of the Surface tablet, Lumia phones and the Band fitness tracker are widely expected.

  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:37:51 PM
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:37:53 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:37:53 PM
    That was for the geeks in the room, Panay jokes.
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:37:55 PM
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:37:58 PM
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:38:07 PM
    Shades of the iPhone antenna-gate problem?
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:38:15 PM
    The 950 uses the Hexacore processor and the 950 XL uses the Octacore processor, both from Qualcomm.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:38:28 PM
    We want to push these machines as hard as we could to bring Windows 10 to life, he says.
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:38:37 PM
    Liquid-cooled phones? We really are living in the future.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:38:41 PM
    The phones are 5.2 inch and 5.7 inch displays.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:38:49 PM
    They feature OLED displays.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:39:06 PM
    The 950 has a 518 PPI, while the XL is 564 PPI.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:39:13 PM
    It features "glance screen tech"
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:39:18 PM
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:39:20 PM
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:39:22 PM
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:39:25 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:39:49 PM
    When you pull your phone out of your pocket, the glance screen pops up with notifications, emails, texts, time, date -- all without touching the screen.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:39:53 PM
    And it uses zero battery life.
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:39:59 PM
    "Glance" tech is a good use-case for bigger phone screens.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:40:03 PM
    It's better than turning on the phone and logging into the device.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:40:24 PM
    Being connected to your family is important, he says. Yes, I would agree.
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:40:35 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:40:41 PM
    The cameras have a 20MP sensor, triple LED RGN Natural Flash, 5th generation optical image stabilization (OIS).
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:40:42 PM
    Interesting play here on the topic of "phubbing" -- or phone snubbing -- people have been talking about lately.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:40:46 PM
    It has a dedicated camera button.
  • Scott Stein 10/6/2015 2:40:48 PM
    be more present? with devices? at home? I'm feeling so sad right now
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:41:06 PM
    Panay says it takes great low-light photos. There is an RGB sensor for more accurate colors.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:41:13 PM
    The G4 has that same tech, as do other phones.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:41:29 PM
    Panay says he's pumped. He's a pretty enthusiastic guy.
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:41:30 PM
    The MS solution is to be more "present" in the moment, and just doing a phone glance rather than unlocking the phone and browsing for info is how you accomplish
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:41:52 PM
    Apple is starting to look like it's lagging behind by neglecting OIS (optical image stabilizer) in its iPhone 6S. You need to upgrade to the Plus to get OIS.
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:41:52 PM
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:41:53 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:42:01 PM
    OIS seems to have become a standard feature on all phones.
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:42:05 PM
    Smart watch "glances" work the same way. Do they help? Hard to tell at this early stage.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:42:21 PM
    You can capture 4K video with the phone.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:42:38 PM
    All of the info is automatically uploaded into the cloud.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:42:49 PM
    The phone has 32GB of storage.
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:42:57 PM
    You can expand the memory with an SD card.
  • Sarah Tew 10/6/2015 2:43:05 PM

    Did someone say dedicated camera button? YES.

  • Scott Stein 10/6/2015 2:43:18 PM
    this has all gotten SO FAST
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:43:22 PM
    The phones have a USB Type C connector.
  • dan.ackerman 10/6/2015 2:43:31 PM
    I do appreciate an SD card slot in a sad 16GB iPhone is weeping in my pocket...
  • Roger Cheng 10/6/2015 2:43:48 PM
    If your phone is almost dead, you can plug in the Type C charger to get 50% charge in less than 30 minutes.
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