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Microsoft's Xbox One E3 2015 Press Conference

Microsoft will kick off the year’s biggest video game confab on Monday, June 15 with a press conference dedicated to all things Xbox.

  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:16:28 PM
    There's a beta for it in August.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:16:43 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:16:52 PM
    Now we're seeing a bunch of games being announced from small game studios.
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:17:04 PM
    I wonder if it'll be sold through the Windows app store, which doesn't have a lot of decent games.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:17:17 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:17:29 PM
    It's unclear if these are for Xbox One or Windows 10, but clearly the message is that Microsoft is friendly with small development houses (something that wasn't always exactly the case)
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:17:55 PM
    This is for the ID@Xbox program (ID = Independent developer)
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:18:03 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:18:07 PM
    Chris Charla, from Xbox's ID@Xbox group
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:18:15 PM
    After years of hyping indie developer partnerships and support, this is the first real mention here. Definitely less emphasis on indie games on XB1 than there was on 360.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:18:18 PM
    ID@Xbox is one of my favorite parts of Microsoft. Some great games lately.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:18:30 PM
    "It's been awesome to see the level of critical and commercial success developers have already had on Xbox," Charla says
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:18:39 PM
    But is that because indie devs are focused on mobile?
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:18:59 PM
    Steve Gaynor, a developer from Fullbright, talks about Takoma, a new game from the same people who made the critically acclaimed game "Gone Home."
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:18:59 PM
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:19:07 PM
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:19:41 PM
    I feel like this is the vibe we need -- spooky indie game -- for a Twin Peaks tie-in game.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:19:43 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:19:49 PM
    This game is set in space. Like "Gone Home," it's a game where you explore a world and try to understand what's happening
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:19:58 PM
    Tacoma comes next year
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:20:17 PM
    Derek Bradley from a studio called AURURA 44. Announcing game called Ashen
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:20:22 PM
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:20:33 PM
    Lights went up a bit, so I can see that everyone sitting in the floor seats here is wearing a green t-shirt. Clearly not the press section down there.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:20:49 PM
    This is an Xbox One exclusive, he says. It's an exploration game.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:20:59 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:22:03 PM
    What I really like about these games made by small development houses is how artistic they are. Unlike the big popular franchises like Halo and Grand Theft Auto (which totally have their own merits) these games really focus on looking different and unique. Ashen for example, the characters don't have faces and don't talk. And the art is blocky but also really nice looking
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:22:22 PM
    Now we're seeing a game from a female developer (first other than Bonnie Ross on stage) called Beyond Eyes
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:22:45 PM
    "If we embrace the challenges life throws at us, and embrace new experiences, it can be a beautiful world," she says.
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:23:11 PM
    Blind girl exploring the outside world -- cue the M. Night Shyamalan comparisons.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:23:21 PM
    It looks like you walk around the world and explore as a little girl who can only see a few feet in the game world. It's out this summer.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:23:28 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:23:49 PM
    Now announcement for Cuphead -- a game with characters that look like a 1930s cartoon.
  • Jeff Bakalar 6/15/2015 5:23:56 PM
    How has Disney not tried to sue Cuphead?
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:23:59 PM
    Cuphead is my favorite game at this Xbox presser.
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:24:08 PM
    Ok, I gotta admit, I love the aesthetic of this Cuphead game, which takes from 20s/30s animation.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:24:33 PM
    Again, very artistic -- everything about this game feels like it's old cinema. Plays off the look of Popeye and early Mickey
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:24:37 PM
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:24:38 PM
    Yep, Game of the Show already.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:24:58 PM
    I could play this game forever and ever. captures the weirdness of 30s animation! Wow.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:25:05 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:25:19 PM
    It's a "platformer" type game, which means you jump along through the world, usually in a straight line instead of looking around a 3-D world
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:25:22 PM
    This is exactly what I mean by reaching for new and different ideas and designs. (That's why everyone loved the original Bioshock, it was *different*).
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:25:29 PM
    Cuphead one of the few "cute/disturbing" games I've seen so far.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:26:06 PM
    Ok, now Charla talking about a new initiative called Xbox Game Preview--a way to buy early access to games. This is a program already popular for the PC
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:26:09 PM
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