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Oculus Pre-E3 Press Conference

  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:51:24 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:51:25 PM
    Been working on "Oculus Touch" a controller you hold in your hands. They're a set of prototypes called "Half Moon."
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:51:38 PM
    "We wanted to create the best range of experiences," he says.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:51:45 PM
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:52:00 PM
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:52:10 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:52:22 PM
    Key things: "Hand Presence" -- VR hands feel like real hands. And manipulation in VR. PIck up a gun from a table, fire it , and throw it away effortlessly. "We wanted a design that's low-mental load."
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:52:25 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:52:42 PM
    They also wanted communicative gestures--pointing, waiving, thumbs up.
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:52:58 PM
    Also wanted to include analog sticks and buttons, to allow a lot of the traditional aspects of gaming into it.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:53:30 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:53:37 PM
    Buttons and analog sticks have been around for a reason, Luckey says. They're not going anwyhere. It also needs to be lightweight and ergonomic.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:54:03 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:54:19 PM
    There are two controllers (one for each hand,) and they're mirror images of each other. They're wireless. High-precision six-degree of freedom tracking (whatever that means) and uses same "constellation" tracking that the Rift uses.
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:54:28 PM
    There's also a hand trigger, Luckey says
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:54:30 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:54:41 PM
    There are also haptics to include feedback, Luckey says.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:54:43 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:54:52 PM
    It can also detect finger poses, Luckey says.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:54:57 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:55:04 PM
    Natural hand poses like pointing, waving, thumbs up.
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:55:17 PM
    There will be a demo at E3.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:55:36 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:55:36 PM
    You can dual-wield laser guns, play tether ball, tear robots apart, etc
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:56:06 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:56:24 PM
    Luckey will be running the demos at E3
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:56:31 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:56:36 PM
    "We can't wait to see what developers have in store," Luckey says.
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:57:00 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:57:19 PM
    "Things have come so far so fast," Luckey says. If you'd shown a video of this presser a few years ago, it would have seemed like science fiction, Luckey says. "But this isn't science fiction, it's reality."
  • James Martin 6/11/2015 5:57:27 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:57:32 PM
    And that's it.
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:58:12 PM
    So what did we see together? A handful of new games. Motion controllers. The headset. and a partnership with Microsoft's Xbox.
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:58:29 PM
    Will that be enough for you to buy a Rift headset? We'll see.
  • Ian Sherr 6/11/2015 5:59:21 PM

    We'll have all the analysis and insight on CNET.com over the next couple of hours. Thanks for following along!
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