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Samsung Galaxy S III

The launch of Samsung's latest Galaxy device.

  • poppa1138 5/3/2012 7:11:28 PM
    you can bet the price will be about the same as a Galaxy II or HTC one X
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:11:39 PM
    @elliott35 I've been trying to pump Samsung for more information, but nothing yet so far. I think we'd probably have heard if it weren't an option.
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:11:49 PM
    The eye tracking and sleep feature is kind of cool. Do others agree?
  • joel 5/3/2012 7:11:52 PM
    i heard quad core wont work with lte so it might have snapdragon
  • Perfektionist 5/3/2012 7:11:58 PM
    @Jessica Did they say the wireless charging came with the phone or had to be purchased separately?
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:12:12 PM
    The wireless charging pad is a separate accessory.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:12:20 PM
    @Perfektionist The word was "optional," so take that as an add-on accessory.
  • Anna 5/3/2012 7:12:20 PM
    Three UK are taking pre orders from tomorrow according to their twitter feed
  • Jedifarmboy 5/3/2012 7:12:34 PM
    I love the eye tracking capabilities.
  • Adam 5/3/2012 7:12:41 PM
    Seems like most people aren't too sure about this phone - is that right?
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:12:46 PM
    @Jedifarmboy I envision one of those paintings whose eyes follow you.
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:13:09 PM
    @Adam I think you always have to see the phones in person to make a judgement. So hard to say from a flashy presentation and specs.
  • Les 5/3/2012 7:13:18 PM
    Vodafone Uk have announced that they will have sole rights to SIII. Don't know how true that is. What disapoints me is the camera is only 8 mp, when I thought they were coming out with a 12 mp. I am not sure if it is worth waiting for now. I thought it was goin gto be the leader when it came out and better than Apple 5. What makes it so great, so I can keep an open mind?
  • Arturo 5/3/2012 7:13:22 PM
    eye tracking = software. give the Android hacks a couple of weeks and we'll have an app :)
  • parveendabas 5/3/2012 7:14:39 PM
    @jessica its not about android VS iphone. i expect something like "verdict". its a good buy especially in terms of battery life and processing speed? for me camera is fine.
  • taylor 5/3/2012 7:14:49 PM
    Are they going to release this phone anytime soon in the U.S? I hope not because I just got my SII about half a year ago.
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:15:03 PM
    The phone will come to the US this summer.
  • Khan Artyst 5/3/2012 7:15:08 PM
    I feel like they went slightly too large with the screen. Could have went slightly smaller, that's my opinion.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:15:57 PM
    @parveendabas I'm physically and psychologically incapable of providing a verdict without even seeing a product in person : ) We don't know pricing, we haven't witnessed battery life, etc. I'd say right now that it sounds very promising, and based on past GS II performance, I expect this to be a pretty friggin' awesome phone.
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:15:57 PM
    @Khan Samsung did say that they made the screen larger but the handset itself is not much larger than previous version. So we shall see. But it seems like all manufacturers are trying to be more efficient space wise with these bigger screens.
  • Perfektionist 5/3/2012 7:16:03 PM
    I hope summer for US doesn't mean September. I'm dying to upgrade my DroidX.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:16:33 PM
    @Marguerite Reardon Aloysius Low with CNET UK said it was big, but didn't *feel* mammoth in the hand.
  • sidbandhu 5/3/2012 7:16:43 PM
    @jessica Pureview's to be hitting shelf's this month. Im sorry but it wont be reaching USA. *Evil Laugh* :P
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:16:44 PM
    Just a few more minutes for questions and comments.
  • AndroidMan 5/3/2012 7:17:03 PM
    Sounds like the skyrocket might be good enough for now...
  • CR5 5/3/2012 7:17:06 PM
    Hi, please put the video in youtube!! I can't seethe video posted in cnet!!
  • Eric Gains 5/3/2012 7:17:07 PM
    How does this stack up against the One?
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:17:28 PM
    @Eric Check back on CNET for a comparison. Brian Bennett is writing it now!
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:17:35 PM
    @CR5 Good news--we have a YouTube channel! I'll definitely pass along your request so it should pop up.
  • axep 5/3/2012 7:17:37 PM
    Has anything been said about the US processor?
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:18:04 PM
    I didn't hear whether the US LTE version would be quad core or dual core.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:18:09 PM
    @axep I *expect* it to be the same quad-core processor they announced, since I haven't heard otherwise.
  • aman 5/3/2012 7:18:15 PM
    can we expect super amoled plus in it
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:18:26 PM
    @aman HD Super AMOLED.
  • Khan Artyst 5/3/2012 7:19:07 PM
    What's the resolution of the screen?
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:19:16 PM
    Ok folks, we have to wrap up the discussion here. Thanks for tuning in. And please check back on the site for follow up stories. We will be digging into the details and posting much more on the site.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:19:30 PM
    @Khan Artyst Well, it's been about a year since the annoucnement of the GSIII, actually, so this is a pretty regular interval.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/3/2012 7:19:45 PM
    Yes, stay tuned at CNET. We're going to have much, much more!
  • Wildcat 5/3/2012 7:20:04 PM
    Thanks, marg & jess!
  • Jedifarmboy 5/3/2012 7:20:07 PM
    Thank you Jessica and Marguerite for covering this event.
  • Marguerite Reardon 5/3/2012 7:20:26 PM
    You are very welcome! It has been our pleasure!
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