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Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2014

Samsung is running events in Berlin, New York and Beijing to announce its new mobile products, widely expected to include the Galaxy Note 4.

  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:00:41 PM
    This looks just as stupid as every other virtual reality headset. Which probably means we'll all have one and find it totally normal in five years.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:00:49 PM
    Now we're going to hear about the hardware.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:00:59 PM
    "Nothing stands between you and the immersive experience."
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:01:03 PM
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:01:24 PM
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:01:37 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:01:41 PM
    Samsung is talking up the lack of lag with the VR headset, but of course that doesn't carry into the presentation particularly well.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:01:52 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:02:04 PM
    Data is transmitted in "less than 20 miliseconds" says Samsung. So hopefully no lag.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:02:13 PM
    It only works with the Galaxy Note 4, so for me it's more of a novelty than anything else.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:02:28 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:02:53 PM
    You'll get a 96 degree viewing angle, Samsung says.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:03:04 PM
    Now we're hearing about the Oculus partnership.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:03:09 PM
    It's like the cardboard virtual reality headset Google showed off recently, but a bit more Samsung.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:03:17 PM
    Oculus Rift of course is owned by Facebook.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:03:26 PM
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:03:43 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:03:52 PM
    John Carmack, the CTO of Oculus says, "It's a hard problem to do well."
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:04:18 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:04:22 PM
    The Super AMOLED screen reduces lag on the Gear VR, Carmack says.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:04:47 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:04:50 PM
    "The critical path in VR is the time it takes from the motion of your head to when the updated display hits your eyes" Carmack says.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:05:15 PM
    I like this guy, he's less polished than everyone else, clearly loves what he does.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:05:32 PM
    "We have a custom kernel driver," Carmack says. Sounds like the tech team has been working hard on getting the lag out of the VR tech.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:06:06 PM

    An excited crowd

  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:06:09 PM
    "The main world can be drawn at variable rates," Carmack says. We're talking about the graphical nitty-gritty of Oculus and Gear VR.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:06:42 PM
    "Hopefully you say 'wow, this is really impressive.'"
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:06:54 PM
    "This is a landmark first step," Carmack enthuses.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:07:18 PM
    Sooooo awkward
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:07:18 PM

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  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:07:33 PM
    "Finding great partners is a large part of making progress," Samsung says. And Carmack has left the stage.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:07:44 PM
    There's an 'Innovator's Edition' of the Gear VR, perhaps for early adopters.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:07:55 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:08:00 PM
    "Consumers want, need and deserve exciting content."
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:08:05 PM
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:08:27 PM
    Will we all have one of these in our homes? I predict: no.
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:08:31 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:08:47 PM
    Marvel, IMAX, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Vevo and more are partnered to provide content for the Gear VR. That's encouraging.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:09:19 PM
    That headset was a really weird product to end on, the Galaxy Note Edge looked amazing, should have spent longer on that.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:09:45 PM
    It looks like that might be it. Samsung says "Let's be reminded of the hero of the day" and rolls a Note 4 promo video. Nothing upstages the Note 4, it seems.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:10:29 PM
    "Do you Note?" is the question the promo vid asks. We're, er, not sure.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:10:37 PM
    "Do you Note?" Huh?
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:10:47 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:10:53 PM
    And we're done. The presenters are saying their goodbyes. Don't forget to check out those First Takes.
  • Luke Westaway 9/3/2014 2:11:09 PM
    Thanks for following along folks, have a great, tech-filled day. We're off to play with the new kit.
  • Jason Jenkins 9/3/2014 2:11:21 PM
    We're wrapping up here, good to see Samsung doing something different in phones - shows there is still genuine innovation left in this space.
  • Jared Sterry 9/3/2014 2:11:41 PM
    A smart move on the partnerships. If they could partner with Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc on the TV/Movie side, this would be epic. I would love to see integration with consoles (likely XBox since PS had adopted their own headset)
  • Nick Sardelianos 9/3/2014 2:11:51 PM
    No waterproof semi-killed it for me. WHY Samsung?
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/3/2014 2:12:42 PM

    And it's goodbye from me, too!

  • Nick Hide 9/3/2014 2:13:16 PM
    Thanks for following everyone - be sure to check out all the hands-on first takes in the sticky post above. Sony's liveblog is just getting going over here:
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