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Samsung digital health event

Samsung's Silicon Valley-based Strategy and Innovation Center is hosting an event to launch a new initiative in digital health.

  • James Martin 5/28/2014 5:04:14 PM
  • James Martin 5/28/2014 5:04:31 PM
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:04:52 PM
    Hey everyone! We're getting set up here.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:05:38 PM
    Shara and I are sitting in a really nice, new venue that's a jazz center by night. We've got some easy-listening sax pumping in through the speakers.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:06:37 PM
    Nice touch with the string quartet to ease us in as we waited for doors to open.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:07:08 PM
    Samsung's health event is being held at the jazz center in downtown San Francisco. Really cool venue.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:07:13 PM
    Right now we're just looking at a bright screen in front of us with purple and blue coloring and VOICE OF THE BODY in large white lettering.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:07:42 PM
    We don't know a lot about the news for today besides that it's related to digital health.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:08:00 PM
    *Makes note to check out SF Jazz Center's regular schedule* Doesn't look like there's a bad seat in the house!
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:09:58 PM
    Extrapolating from what Shara said, "voice of the body" could mean a lot of things. There could be a physical digital voice interface, as well as more metaphoric software or hardware linakages.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:10:53 PM
    We practically knew every spec of yesterdays' LG G3 phone before that announcement, but Samsung has been able to keep this one tightly wrapped up.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:12:32 PM
    I think this more likely is something to do with components. The business hosting the event, Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, is part of Samsung's chip business.
  • James Martin 5/28/2014 5:12:49 PM
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:13:46 PM
    Samsung has been making a big push in Silicon Valley, and SSIC is part of that. The group, run by Young Sohn, is looking at new businesses. Health is the first big focus.
  • James Martin 5/28/2014 5:14:06 PM
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:14:31 PM
    The auditorium is filling up pretty quickly. There are a lot of reporters here but also some partners of whatever this new project is.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:15:36 PM
    Partners apparently get little keepsakes. One woman looked at me and said, "Lucite. It's back." Apparently, Samsung had given her a little lucite plaque to commemorate the event.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:16:37 PM
    Components may not be sexy, but they're the building blocks to the consumer-facing stuff that's really neat.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:17:42 PM
    Samsung has been positioning the news from this event as "really big." We'll find out pretty soon if that's true.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:17:44 PM
    So like the heart-rate monitor that's built into the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Fit bands. They may not be medically-ready yet, but they're clearly headed in a direction that involves way more sophisticated sensors and components on a single device.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:18:39 PM
    Like Shara said, Samsung has been trying to pioneer mass wellness-related experiences for personal mobile tech.
  • James Martin 5/28/2014 5:19:20 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:20:23 PM
    CNET's hilarious Bridget Carey just tweeted that her "body voice" is ready, in reference to this event. I hear that. After a long Memorial Day weekend in the sun, my "body voice" is shouting at me for not applying more sunscreen.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:20:49 PM
    Samsung definitely sees health as a big opportunity. As Jessica noted, its newest mobile devices really emphasized those features. Little known fact, Samsung actually owns a medical devices business in Korea. It makes ultrasounds and products like that.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:21:25 PM
    Another fun fact as per Shara: Samsung also makes a line of suits.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:22:08 PM
    It does!! A high-end men's suit line called Galaxy. So awesome.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:22:36 PM
    I hope it lights up with little LED stars.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:23:53 PM
    For more about Samsung's other businesses, check out this slideshow and post I wrote about a year ago after my trip to Korea. 

  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:23:57 PM
    Samsung fascinates me. You don't really hear about other tech companies with such diverse holdings. Nokia had an interesting history coming from paper products, but when they got into smartphones, they didn't also sell premium notebooks...
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:25:23 PM
    Yeah, Samsung is just enormous. It's about 20 percent of South Korea's GDP, and it makes everything from boats to apartment buildings. In Korea, you can see "Samsung" on buildings everywhere, but not all of them are actually the electronics business.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:25:43 PM
    We're getting the five minute warning to take our seats. And to turn off our "Samsung Galaxy phones."
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:26:15 PM
    I do actually have a Samsung Galaxy phone here with me. One thing I will say is that the staff has been very helpful making sure were all connected on Wi-Fi. You just don't see that.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:26:20 PM
    If you want to read more about Samsung, check out this profile I wrote after my Korea visit.
  • John Falcone 5/28/2014 5:26:33 PM
    Hey folks: Just a reminder if you're interested in health tech and health trackers, you should check out Sharon Profis's recent in-depth report, How accurate are wristband heart rate monitors?
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:27:10 PM
    For sure, Jessica. And the Wi-Fi is also working well (so far. I probably just jinxed us). You don't see that too often at events, either. haha. I feel like the first half hour of any event, I spent it trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:27:49 PM
    We'll see what happens during demo time...
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:28:56 PM
    Is there a demo time?
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:29:02 PM
    I guess Google is the US' closest analog to Samsung in Korea. I could absolutely see Google-branded smart apartments.
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:29:32 PM
    Yeah, that's probably the closest comparison. Or maybe GE.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:30:04 PM
    GE seems a lot less invasive somehow...but that's probably just because it isn't collecting my search history...
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:31:05 PM
    Ok, Samsung. We're ready. Let us have it.
  • James Martin 5/28/2014 5:31:39 PM
  • Shara Tibken 5/28/2014 5:32:15 PM
    Samsung is playing some nice jazz music while we wait.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/28/2014 5:32:34 PM
    See? See how ready we are to hear all about this wonderful new thing??
  • Rat stinker 5/28/2014 5:32:54 PM
    I hav no idea what samsung is upto
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