Samsung press conference at CES 2014

The Korean giant will show its latest TVs, home appliances, and other electronics.

  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:31:39 PM
    Greetings, and welcome to CNET's live blog of Samsung's CES press conference!
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:32:44 PM
    We're 30 minutes from the start of what should be one of the biggest press events of CES. Samsung typically goes big with high production values and lots of new products.
  • Shara Tibken 1/6/2014 9:33:00 PM
    Hey guys! Thanks for joining us. CNET has a big team here, and we're all getting settled. David Katzmaier, Jessica Dolcourt, and I will be blogging, while James Martin and Josh Miller will be taking photos. We've also got a full CNET TV crew and CNET Español writers here.
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:33:20 PM
    If you remember Samsung's famous "wolf boy" press conference from a few years ago, you'll know what I mean.
  • Shara Tibken 1/6/2014 9:33:31 PM
    This is the first presser any of us have been to today that actually offers Wi-Fi. The others, we've had to rely on our own hot spots, just like it was 2007 again.
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:34:05 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 1/6/2014 9:34:16 PM
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:34:33 PM
    Shara Tibken has already joined us from the room. What does everyone want to see from Samsung?
  • Shara Tibken 1/6/2014 9:34:45 PM
    It was a MADHOUSE outside the Samsung presser, which has become common for its events. We luckily had VIP early access passes and got in with no problem.
  • Shara Tibken 1/6/2014 9:35:29 PM
    People stand in line almost all day to get in to Samsung's CES press conference. Just for the VIP line, people got there a couple hours early.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 1/6/2014 9:36:04 PM
    Like our dedicated line slaves, without whom we would never have our cushy fourth-row seats.
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:36:20 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:36:53 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:37:19 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:38:10 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:38:45 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/6/2014 9:39:03 PM
    Howdy, everybody!
  • David Katzmaier 1/6/2014 9:39:46 PM
    After Panasonic, Samsung has a tough act to follow.
  • Brice Astruc 1/6/2014 9:40:57 PM
    Ready for the Show !
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:40:57 PM
  • josh.miller 1/6/2014 9:41:03 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/6/2014 9:41:49 PM
    Just so you know, as always we've been prebriefed by the manufacturer. At this point, I can reveal that the TV news at this conference won't fall flat.
  • David Katzmaier 1/6/2014 9:42:14 PM
    In fact, the company might throw even seasoned observers a curve or two.
  • David Katzmaier 1/6/2014 9:42:56 PM
    We can reveal all the details at 2 p.m. PT, right at the beginning of the press conference. In the meantime, lemme know what YOU want to see.
  • josh.miller 1/6/2014 9:43:23 PM
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:43:39 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:45:16 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/6/2014 9:45:21 PM
    Samsung definitely is the most anticipated presser at CES. We know quite a few things they will show, but they also could have some surprises for us.
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:45:52 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:46:03 PM
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:46:22 PM
    We'll also be watching for what Samsung *doesn't* show at this event. Those devices (like a Galaxy S5 phone) would come later, either at Mobile World Congress next month or at a special event later in the year.
  • ROGRichard 1/6/2014 9:46:28 PM
    waiting for the Samsung Gear 2
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:46:30 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:47:09 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:47:45 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:48:10 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:48:48 PM
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:49:04 PM
    If you have questions for our intrepid live blogging team, just ask. Shara has been to Samsung's HQ in Korea and knows the company inside and out. David is our star TV reviewer at CNET and Jessica masters our smartphone coverage.
  • Kent Brockman 1/6/2014 9:49:09 PM
    Nice, hope they show the gen. gear.
  • Cory 1/6/2014 9:49:14 PM
    Hopefully we get some news about the ATIV Q or something similar
  • James Martin 1/6/2014 9:49:31 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/6/2014 9:50:07 PM
    Samsung co-CEO Boo-Keun Yoon just sat down in the front row. He oversees TVs, appliances, and basically everything that's not chips or phones. He'll likely kick this shindig off.
  • tnert2 1/6/2014 9:50:39 PM
    Will there be a live video stream of the Samsung press conference??
  • Kent German 1/6/2014 9:51:34 PM
    @tnert2 We will have a live stream once the event begins (2 p.m.). For now, you can watch our CNET preshow. Refresh your browser if you don't see the player.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 1/6/2014 9:52:03 PM
    To set the scene, we're listening to some nice smooth jazz to keep calm, a departure from Samsung's usual dance-party tunes to set the mood.
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