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Sony Playstation 2014 GDC Session

CNET will be there as Sony hosts a session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. There are persistent rumors that the company will unveil a head-mounted display (similar to Oculus Rift), but nothing's been confirmed.

  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:13:30 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:14:19 AM
    Going back to our complaints about seeing Morpheus in action, God of War demo did show off a FPS view design, but it wasn't shown in tandem with someone using Morpheus. 
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:14:54 AM
    Looks like some top technology developers -- Epic, Crytek, etc. -- developing for Morpheus.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:16:14 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:16:38 AM
    Marks exits the stage and Anton Mikhailov, also from R&D, speaking now. News on dev kits is coming, he says. 
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:16:39 AM
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:16:42 AM
    Is anyone else annoyed by Sony's use of the word presence here?
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:17:09 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:17:41 AM
    Presence is the new "next-gen experience." 
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:17:43 AM
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:18:00 AM
    Yeah, VR cut scenes should be interesting.
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:18:53 AM
    Unless you lock the view, can't be sure the player won't miss something if they're looking around the environment.
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:19:19 AM
    Mikhailov talking about arm motions. Just now realizing the massive potential between a combo of Move, Morpheus, and PS Camera for body tracking. 
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:20:17 AM
    Yay! Framerate is a priority.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:20:25 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:20:34 AM
    Talk of latency and frame rate and motion sickness, but no specifics on Morpheus' capabilities yet. 
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:20:41 AM
    Also, clean images. I only like looking at clean images...
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:21:39 AM
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:22:13 AM
    Anton speaking about all the factors in producing convincing VR makes me never want to have to work in VR.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:23:15 AM
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:23:42 AM
    Virtual Tourism means I'll finally see all of the Louvre.
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:24:07 AM
    It'll still take me 3 weeks, but it's a lot cheaper than flying to Paris.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:24:26 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:25:00 AM
    "In VR, you actually get  sense of fear when you're standing on a ledge. Claustrophobia...these things are intense.
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:25:11 AM
    I got a sense of fear when those dogs broke through the windows in Resident Evil 20 years ago.
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:25:19 AM
    Maybe VR isn't for me...
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:25:33 AM
    "....But also really fun to watch." I guess that's how you learn in VR R&D, one motion sickness episode at a time. 
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:25:36 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:25:59 AM
    Yeah, as someone who abhors the tiniest instance of nausea, this is simultaneously awesome and terrifying. 
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:26:21 AM
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:26:53 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:27:24 AM
    Just think about the future of anti-technology griping: Smartphone photos of groups of friends sitting around with VR headsets on, literally living in different worlds. 
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:27:41 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:28:03 AM
    Here are the specs!
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:28:16 AM
    I think -- like Kinect, the Wii, and Move -- VR will be fun to play with, but it'll be a long time before it's a preferred way to play for me.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:28:22 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:29:08 AM
    I imagine VR in general being like more involved Wii games, Kinect use, etc. It will take some time, but will hopefully have a few early standout hits like Wii Sports was. 
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:31:20 AM
    Sony at least seems to be taking this really seriously. Putting a lot of time and effort into getting it right. Doesn't feel like a quick cash grab by any means.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:31:43 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:31:47 AM
    Anton says wireless headsets down the line. That's pretty huge. 
  • Eric Franklin 3/19/2014 1:32:56 AM
    The social screen sounds cool. Will def make VR easier to swallow for sig others.
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:32:57 AM
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:33:20 AM
  • Nick Statt 3/19/2014 1:33:22 AM
    Demos already looking promising, especially a shark-related one. 
  • James Martin 3/19/2014 1:33:46 AM
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