Sprint's "Hear It For Yourself" Event

Sprint holds an event titled, "Hear it for yourself."

  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:41:22 PM
    But my cousin was a DJ, so that sort of counts, right?
  • sarahtew 4/29/2014 2:41:48 PM

    When I start messing with black and white you know it's time to start the show...

  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:42:12 PM
    All I have to say is I want to see a phone with a metal kickstand or I'll be disappointed in a big way.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:42:18 PM
    Again, it's worth noting that prior to this party-like event, Sprint posted a loss of $151 million. The only brightside was it was a lot less than a year ago. So there's that.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:42:31 PM
    Oh, Sarah with the classy B&W photo. Nice.
  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:42:47 PM
    @Roger Yours too? No way!!!
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:42:56 PM
    @BrianBennett: Agreed. Bring back the Evo. The Evo Spark super music edition. I'd buy that. Or not.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:43:56 PM
    Okay, the announcer says the program is ready to begin. Here we go.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:44:28 PM
    Boy, Sprint better have a lot if it wants to erase this morning's rough results.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:45:01 PM
    Okay, CEO Dan Hesse is on stage.
  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:45:11 PM
    Here we go! The event has begun!
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:45:28 PM
    Hesse says he wants to talk about the next step with Sprint Spark and Framily.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:45:46 PM
    Sprint Spark, by the way, uses three bands of spectrum for more capacity and higher speeds.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:45:56 PM
    Sprint earlier said it added six new Sprint Spark markets.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:46:05 PM
    Hesse touts Sprint WiFi calling.
  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:46:08 PM
    Dan Hesse is wearing a very plush velvet sports coat. Looks soft and comfy.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:46:18 PM
    You can send and receive texts and phone messages on the phone through WiFi calling.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:46:25 PM
    The HTC One Max will get WiFi calling.
  • sarahtew 4/29/2014 2:46:43 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:46:49 PM
    Now Hesse's talking about HD voice.
  • sarahtew 4/29/2014 2:47:05 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:47:09 PM
    The normal voice call has 4 octaves, but HD voice has 7 octaves and reduced background.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:47:26 PM
    Sprint will launch HD voice by mid year. He expects 20 million HD voice customers by the end of the year.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:47:36 PM
    Sprint's bringing more octaves for voice, so why not music, Hesse asks?
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:47:44 PM
    Roll the promo video.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:47:57 PM
    It's that annoying hamster in that plastic bubble.
  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:48:03 PM
    The HTC One Max? With HD Voice? Not very awesome. I want more.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:48:06 PM
    He's featured in the Framily plan.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:48:15 PM
    He's confusingly one of the members of the Framily.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:48:31 PM
    In those Framily commercials that started airing a little while ago.
  • sarahtew 4/29/2014 2:48:41 PM
  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:48:56 PM
    What's going on here...a talking hamster with a strong Brooklyn/NJ accent?
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:49:20 PM
    This talking hamster is the new spokesperson for Sprint. Uh...bring on Pharrell.
  • sarahtew 4/29/2014 2:49:23 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:49:37 PM
    This video is still playing, by the way, and it's a hamster narrating and now talking about music.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:49:44 PM
    With the heavy Brooklyn accent.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:49:48 PM
    This is weird.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:50:15 PM
    The hamster is excited about high-quality portable music. I miss hearing songs the way they intended it to be heard, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:50:23 PM
    I can't believe I'm live-blogging a hamster right now.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:50:26 PM
    I've reached a new low.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:50:34 PM
    And with that, we're done.
  • Brian Bennett 4/29/2014 2:50:39 PM
    Getting a lesson on hi-fidelity audio for mobile music....by a hamster.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:50:45 PM
    The video, i mean.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:50:57 PM
    Hesse is back on to talk about the advances in wireless and mobile devices.
  • Roger Cheng 4/29/2014 2:51:11 PM
    Because of limitations before, music was watered down and compressed into low-resolution files, he says.
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