Verizon's CTIA press conference

Verizon's big announcement at the Spring CTIA show.

  • Carrie Mihalcik 5/22/2013 5:57:35 PM
    Hello everyone! Welcome to our coverage of Verizon's big announcement at the Spring CTIA show.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 5:58:55 PM
  • john.falcone 5/22/2013 6:02:50 PM
    Hi everyone. The event is scheduled to start in about 12 minutes.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:03:09 PM

    The CNET team wait to get in the room.

  • john.falcone 5/22/2013 6:03:10 PM
    In the meantime, we're hanging out as our on-site team in Las Vegas gets set up.
  • Taz 5/22/2013 6:03:26 PM
    Come on HTC One!
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:05:13 PM
  • john.falcone 5/22/2013 6:05:40 PM
    Ah, the hallways of Sands Expo Center... reminds me of CES.
  • Eric Franklin 5/22/2013 6:05:52 PM
    Hey everyone. We believe there will be a video feed, but right now the embed code Verizon sent is only displaying a countdown.
  • skiggs 5/22/2013 6:06:39 PM
    I hope Verizon does away with contracts!
  • john.falcone 5/22/2013 6:08:35 PM
    If you've been on this page for a few minutes, please refresh for the latest version.
  • Carrie Mihalcik 5/22/2013 6:09:43 PM
  • Eric Franklin 5/22/2013 6:11:28 PM
    Reminder FYI: The show won't start for another 5 minutes. Don't worry. You're not missing anything.
  • john.falcone 5/22/2013 6:11:54 PM
    Live video stream is initializing... should be embedded on your screen above.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:12:37 PM
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:13:43 PM
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:14:15 PM
    Hello, Roger Cheng, executive editor for CNET News, in the house and FINALLY logged in. We're ready roll. The event should start in a few minutes.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:14:46 PM
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:15:19 PM
    We're in a small ballroom in the Sands Convention Center/Venetian. On stage is a giant screen with the Verizon logo.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:15:42 PM
    Okay, Marni Walden, chief operating officer of Verizon Wireless is announced.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:15:57 PM
    Okay, Walden takes the stage.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:16:06 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/22/2013 6:16:09 PM
    In fact, she was announced three times. Those announcement voices: yeah, pre-recorded.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:16:11 PM
    You know we're ready to make a pretty big announcement, she says.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:16:21 PM
    You'll have something to tweet about by the end of the day, she says.
  • Carrie Mihalcik 5/22/2013 6:16:29 PM
    CNET's full coverage of CTIA 2013:
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:16:44 PM
    She touts having the first 4G LTE network.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/22/2013 6:16:46 PM
    Technically, MetroPCS launched the nations' first 4G LTE network, not Verizon. Sorry, Marni.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:16:54 PM
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:17:04 PM
    She touts the consistent experience that Verizon delivers. We got to be there, and be consistent and reliable. It's not about one single metric.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:17:23 PM
    I believe that's a dig at AT&T's boast that it has the fastest 4G LTE network now. Verizon used to tout that a lot.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:17:41 PM
    Walden with an overview of the 4G LTE devices in portfolio.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:17:57 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/22/2013 6:18:00 PM
    Verizon launched the first LTE camera, she says. Kent German happens to be using it right now, along with a good chunk of the journos here.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:18:05 PM
    We have 1,200 different products in the line, including accessories, etc., she says.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/22/2013 6:18:44 PM
    So Verizon didn't have the first 4G LTE network, and it may not have the fastest per Roger below, but it *does* have the most extensive market coverage. Hands down.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:18:45 PM
    "We strive everyday to be best in class," she says. We've done a pretty good job, she said, touting her JD Power awards.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:18:50 PM
    Now for today's news.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:19:19 PM
    Exclusive partnership with Viva Movil - it addresses latino segment.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:19:34 PM
    The Latino population is 50M strong and growing. We needed to do more to address them, she says.
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:19:48 PM
    The people behind Viva Movil.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 5/22/2013 6:19:57 PM
    Translation: Verizon en espanol mas que antes. (I probably said that wrong.)
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:20:12 PM
    Moorehead Communications, one of Verizon's largest premium retailers, and Brightstar, are partners in this.
  • Kent German 5/22/2013 6:20:18 PM
  • Roger Cheng 5/22/2013 6:20:20 PM
    The third partner is Jennifer Lopez.
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