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Amazon Echo Alexa 2019 event live blog

Like Apple and Google, Amazon now has a regular autumn event where it launches new products and services. We'll be covering everything that happens, live from Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:05:04 PM
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:05:13 PM
    What about Blink?
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:05:33 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:05:35 PM
    Amazon already offers the Cloud Cam, too. It's usually $120.
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:05:49 PM
    Amazon now claims over 85,000 Alexa-compatible products and more than 100,000 Alexa skills, Limp says.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:05:55 PM
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:06:17 PM
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:06:38 PM
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:06:54 PM
    Limp is showing off the fruits of the Alexa Connect Kit, a chipset that developers can use to make ordinary gadgets and appliances Alexa-ready. Mentions last year's microwave, which Limp says is the best-selling microwave on Amazon.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:07:04 PM
    "It turns out the Alexa microwave is the best-selling microwave on Amazon. Who woulda thunk?: (I mean...everybody did.)
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:07:24 PM
    Oh man there's a new Microwave: the Amazon Smart Oven. Adds in convection cooking and an air fryer.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:07:33 PM
    OMG, there's a new microwave.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:07:41 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:07:50 PM
    So disappointed Limp said there's no waffle maker coming, though.
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:08:22 PM
    A new Scan-to-Cook feature will let you scan barcodes using your phone or Echo Show, then send cooking controls straight to the oven. GE rolled out that same feature years ago, but it never quite seemed to take off.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:08:23 PM
    OK, home stretch. A few minutes left. No earbuds yet so we'll see.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:08:33 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:08:58 PM robot yet. But that's no surprise honestly.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:09:11 PM
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:09:34 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:09:35 PM
    Limp talking about connectivity, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5G.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:09:53 PM
    Amazon Sidewalk, new low-bandwidth network.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:10:00 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:10:09 PM
    Will extend the distance you can control simple devices.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:10:50 PM
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:10:56 PM
    Amazon Sidewalk is a brand new low-bandwidth network that uses the existing 900 MHz spectrum to extend the distance of your smart home setup. Might be a godsend for smart gardens, outdoor lights, and mailbox sensors. I'll have a lot of questions about this.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:11:13 PM
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:11:41 PM
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:12:05 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:12:30 PM
    "We know it's very early with Amazon Sidewalk ut we wanted to launch the protocol today."
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:12:36 PM
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:12:54 PM
    New product coming next year called Fetch -- it's a smart dog tag. If your dog ever runs away, you'll be able to use the Amazon Sidewalk network to help find her.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:12:56 PM
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:13:08 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:13:08 PM
    Talking about bringing Alexa beyond the home, like in auto.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:13:29 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:13:49 PM
    Adding GM to automotive partnerships.
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:14:10 PM
    On to Echo Auto. Amazon was showing off some new cars outside the event today that include built-in Alexa controls. Limp announces that GM is now on board with the Alexa Auto SDK, which brings names like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC on board.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:14:10 PM
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:14:48 PM
    Cars already shipping today will be able to get integrated Alexa controls via software update, Limp says. Look out, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:14:55 PM
    We've got one minute left. "We wanted to think about other ways for customers to use Alexa on the go."
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:15:00 PM
    Echo Buds.
  • Ry Crist 9/25/2019 6:15:16 PM
    Ah, we've finally arrived at the Alexa earbuds -- they're called Echo Buds.
  • James Martin 9/25/2019 6:15:22 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 9/25/2019 6:15:27 PM
    "We wanted to deliver great audio, they had to sound absolutely amazing."
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