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Apple October 16 iPad event

Apple is hosting an event to show off its newest devices and computer operating system.

  • roneill84 10/16/2014 4:16:39 PM
    I want a new apple TV, for the love of god apple get it together. help me cut the cord apple.
  • ArielleWest 10/16/2014 4:16:49 PM
    I'm hoping the mac mini will use Haswell processors, or something faster. Also larger amounts of flash storage. I can always hope. Maybe even more TB ports.
  • mbored 10/16/2014 4:16:55 PM
    @KieranH seems like natural steps in the progression of these devices. My phone is really now a second computer. And the games in the app store would be great to play on TV which also breaks them into the console market.
  • LMH 10/16/2014 4:17:46 PM
    Donald what are the chance of bringing OSX and iOS together? Like say what
    Microsoft is working towards...
  • Dimitri Riofrio 10/16/2014 4:17:50 PM
    I give you the name for the iPad pro: Macbook Air Air
  • bobisbest18 10/16/2014 4:17:59 PM
    Not sure what to expect, Apple did big things at the iPhone event and I'm not sure how they can top that but I can't wait to find out.
  • Han the Man 10/16/2014 4:18:01 PM
    iPads with ApplePay sounds terrible
  • Sergio 10/16/2014 4:18:11 PM
    @CarrieMihalcik Thanks, I use two at home, an older one as a media server and one as desktop machine for productivity. Fingers crossed.
  • Navjot Singh 10/16/2014 4:20:14 PM
    Brian/Donald, what do you guys think are the chances of a new Macbook Air launch today?
  • Gary Hull 10/16/2014 4:20:15 PM
    MacBook AirPad
  • Kappy94 10/16/2014 4:20:32 PM
    I don't think ApplePay comes to iPad, your thoughts Brian?
  • gbtech 10/16/2014 4:21:02 PM
    What about music? Will we see hi-res music finally release in the iTunes store with iTunes 12? What about this mysterious U2 partnership about a new music format?
  • TheDashboard Development 10/16/2014 4:21:17 PM
    What about the Dashboard in OS X Yosemite ? Did Apple kill'ed it ? Thx ;-)
  • Kappy94 10/16/2014 4:21:24 PM
    @HantheMan I really want it to but I don't think it will.
  • Carrie Mihalcik 10/16/2014 4:24:53 PM
  • Wrenddy 10/16/2014 4:40:16 PM
    Hi Brian, Love your show. I think they should release an iPAD MINI 3 with and That would be cool.
  • googlefanboy 10/16/2014 4:40:31 PM
    We are going to see a a new macbook. It will look like an oversized apple watch which will be worn on the wast like a fannypack. the Macbook fannypack.
  • Carrie Mihalcik 10/16/2014 4:41:01 PM
    Heads up, we'll be shutting down comments soon.
  • Saurabh 10/16/2014 4:41:46 PM
    What you guys think of the iwatch? Would you buy one
  • XMZ-250 10/16/2014 4:41:51 PM
    "It's been way too long" for apple to update the iPod Touch.
  • WizardHunt 10/16/2014 4:41:57 PM
    Who thinks that Yosemite Will be released for downloading today? Or even tomorrow?
  • Colbster 10/16/2014 4:42:05 PM
    I'd really love them to reveal the screen-based Apple TV. That'd be sick!
  • Carlos B 10/16/2014 4:42:22 PM
    I am hoping that they integrate the apple watch with the new Ipad and Macs. It would be neat if the devices could communicate with your apple watch to unlock the device and pull up your user profile as soon as you touch it.
  • William Smith 10/16/2014 4:42:37 PM
    If I can just get an NVIDIA graphics card capable of gaming in an iMac, I will be so happy. I mean what's gonna drive this rumored 5K display. Not Intel HD I would hope. I'm just tired of not being able to play games on such an expensive computer.
  • Wrenddy 10/16/2014 4:42:45 PM
    @Saurabh - Not at all interested in iWatch
  • G Catena 10/16/2014 4:43:02 PM
    Apple pay on the iPads doesnt have to be someone going into a store with the ipad to pay for something with NFC, half of the entire system is throu online purchases with touch ID which can be Very useful
  • Blkchr 10/16/2014 4:43:21 PM
    The only time I will appreciate Apple Pay is when I am going on the subway/bus, tapping my phone instead of the metro card (and have the value displayed on my phone), otherwise, I prefer the good old school credit card.
  • Khalid Nobani 10/16/2014 4:43:39 PM
    Excited to see the new iMac, iPad.
  • Cagri Altun 10/16/2014 4:43:43 PM
    #CNETLive How many gigabytes do you think the ipad air 2 will have?
  • Jay 10/16/2014 4:44:08 PM
    apple should release Yosemite now -___-
  • Brandon Sablan 10/16/2014 4:44:10 PM
    They really need to make more content on the apple tv if they want it to be more successful such as full web browsing
  • ben pallack 10/16/2014 4:44:18 PM
    What would be perfect is an updated apple tv w/ own app store, new macbooks in the iphone colors and also bring touch id to macbooks it makes so much sense. And lastly new updated ipod touches with at least a 4.7 inch screen. This would make apples line up perfect
  • Sasha 10/16/2014 4:44:22 PM
    Would love to see the mac mini updated!
  • Robert 10/16/2014 4:44:24 PM
    New Thunderbolt displays!!!
  • Bogdan Shumei 10/16/2014 4:44:29 PM
    Would be great to see yosemite too - hear it is better for professionals
  • Sahil S 10/16/2014 4:44:38 PM
    Yosemite, iOS 8.1, Apple Pay and new apple TV
  • Wrenddy 10/16/2014 4:44:39 PM
    I think Apple should totally revamp the Apple TV and and make the iPAD mini3 come with an iPEN (Stylus)
  • JayPea 10/16/2014 4:44:45 PM
    I want a Brian Tong version of the iPad. #skunklove
  • Rohit 10/16/2014 4:44:58 PM
    I expect a base 32GB or 64GB iPad Air model.Maybe a 256GB will be available too
  • Luis Rodriguez 10/16/2014 4:45:00 PM
    apple tv needs an upgrade
  • The Doctor 10/16/2014 4:45:17 PM
    @WilliamSmith Interesting that you bring that up. They will need a powerful processor but not massively powerful. My Macbook has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M and it will run things like Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite at mostly Max graphics.
  • cano6sincere 10/16/2014 4:45:27 PM
    The Apple TV ...must be the dark horse coz its has been "away too long". Just think about it.
  • VJ 10/16/2014 4:45:39 PM
    apple tv with the siri integration
  • Jason 10/16/2014 4:45:48 PM
    Apple TV with App Store new iPod touch and iPad mini 3 that's what I want to see
  • Carrie Mihalcik 10/16/2014 4:47:00 PM
    We're still waiting for our reporters to get let into the event. Once they are, we'll be shutting down comments.
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