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Apple WWDC 2018 live blog

The Worldwide Developers Conference is where Apple outlines new features for the iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and the rest of its hardware line. Expect news on iOS 12 and much more.

  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:46:38 PM
    "Next I want to talk about notifications. Notifications help keep us informed and connected to important things throughout the day. We want to give you more control over how many notifications you receive."
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:46:59 PM
    Instant tuning - from main screen, can mute notifications, choose which ones you see, etc.
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:47:09 PM
  • Lynn La 6/4/2018 5:47:13 PM
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:47:14 PM
    Now support for grouped notifications. Grouped not just app but by topic and thread
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:47:15 PM
    Notifications can go straight to home screen, no pings. And I'm more excited about iOS recognizing app notifications I don't use (hello, Pokemon)
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:47:28 PM
    So if you have a ton of text messages, they'll be in a stack instead of each one listed individually
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:47:47 PM
    Group notifications sounds promising as long as nested groups don't bury ones I've missed, like email
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:47:51 PM
    "In addition to these great features to help you limit distractions, we wanted to go further. It's with a feature we call Screen Time."
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:48:34 PM
    Screen Time is the name for the new Apple tool that will reveal how terrifying my iPhone addiction is
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:48:36 PM
    "It starts with Reports that give you a weekly summary how you used your iPad or iPhone." ... Can see how much time you're spending, where you're spending it, where use breaks down during the day, how much time spending in apps, how often per hour you're picking up your phone and what's drawing you in, and what apps are sending you the most notifications.
  • Lynn La 6/4/2018 5:48:45 PM
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:49:07 PM
    App Limits - "if you see an app you'd like to be spending a little less time, you can set your own limit. During the day when you're using the app, you can receive a helpful notification, letting you know time is almost up."
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:49:24 PM
    (Lots of claps for this. But I'm not sure why devs are happy about it. Don't they want you in their apps as much as possible?)
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:49:40 PM
    For kids - "we know this is something that can help families achieve the right balance for them."
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:49:58 PM
    You can set app limits for yourself in Screen Time. Basically, we have all become kids now, we all live in Screen Time, my kids will enjoy this
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:49:59 PM
    "As a parent, you get [report about kids] on your device. And you have the option of creating allowances."
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:50:16 PM
    "Many options, one of them is Downtime, when you want your kids to unplug completely
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:50:46 PM
    "Can limit access to only movies, apps and websites you deem age appropriate. Works on iPhone and iPad."
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:50:53 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:51:05 PM
    At long last, can organize/manage screen time by category/app within iOS for kids. And limit access content/privacy. It's built off Family Sharing. There's the family iOS tools that were sorely needed.
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:51:16 PM
    "Next I'd like to talk about one of the most important uses of our devices. Communication."
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:51:20 PM
    Starting with Messages
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:51:28 PM
    Going over how much fun Animoji are
  • Connie Guglielmo 6/4/2018 5:51:40 PM
    Interesting that he talked about ScreenTime limits without once mentioning the word "addiction."
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:51:52 PM
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:51:55 PM
    "This year we're taking Animoji to a whole new level through a brand new technology we call Tongue Detection." (so you can stick out your tongue in an Animoji)
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:51:58 PM
    I stopped using Animoji. But my kids loved the singing poop. Now there's...Tongue Detection. They will be thrilled
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:52:06 PM
    New Animoji - ghost, koala, tiger and T-Rex
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:52:06 PM
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:52:23 PM
    "We wanted to take Animoji even further by making them even more personal. ... New Memoji."
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:52:26 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:52:32 PM
    Oh my god. Memoji. Apple just went Nintendo.
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:52:36 PM
    "With Memoji, you can create your very own personalized Animoji"
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:52:52 PM
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:53:13 PM
    FYI - this looks like what Samsung included on its new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus (though we'll have to test how they stack up. CNET editors weren't a fan of how they looked on the Samsung devices)
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:53:42 PM
    Now we're getting a demo of Animoji
  • James Martin 6/4/2018 5:53:43 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:53:54 PM
    Also like Bitmoji, of course (and those Samsung emoji were terrible because they didn't end up looking like anyone, or animating well)
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:54:49 PM
    Samsung's version of Memoji are called AR Emoji. They partnered with a company to make them. You can read about that here
  • Lynn La 6/4/2018 5:55:07 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:55:22 PM
    So far, just like other emoji/avatar makers (Oculus, Nintendo, Samsung, Bitmoji, etc etc)
  • Shara Tibken 6/4/2018 5:55:30 PM
    As CNET mobile reviewer Jessica Dolcourt put it, "In reality, AR Emoji's creepy human avatars look very little like the real people they try to represent." We'll see if Apple's version look any more real.
  • Scott Stein 6/4/2018 5:55:48 PM
    My question: will Memoji now be our universal avatars for Apple's future metaverse
  • Lynn La 6/4/2018 5:56:05 PM
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