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CNET's Apple event live blog (Tuesday, October 23)

Join CNET for live coverage of Apple's special event from the California Theatre in San Jose, Calif.

  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:25:42 PM
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:25:55 PM
    Those thicker Pros are sticking around...and with the price differential, for good reason.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:26:40 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:26:41 PM
    Schiller going over specs real quick. USB 3 now, now with dual or quad-intel Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge, with Intel HD Graphics 4000, and up to 16GB of RAM. Starts at 2.5Ghz dual-core i5 w/4GB of RAM and 500GB HDD for $599.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:26:55 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:26:58 PM
    There's also a server edition for $999 that had two 1TB hard drives. Ships today.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:27:13 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:27:13 PM
    Schiller moved through that entire product in about a minute, yeesh.
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:27:22 PM
    One more Mac. The iMac.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:27:32 PM
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:27:37 PM
    That 2TB Mini server tempting for a home computer/storage hub.
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:27:47 PM
    Schiller talking up the iMac's design, saying it's the flagship of the product line.
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:27:51 PM
    I smell a redesign...
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:28:12 PM
    I've been smelling a redesign since I boarded that plane
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:28:14 PM
    Schiller puts up an image of the original iMac, up through the generations. All seven of them.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:28:23 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:28:28 PM
    "The next-generation of iMac."
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:28:38 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:28:58 PM
    Super thin design. Looks a whole lot like the current iMac, but without a computer in the back.
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:29:02 PM
    New design looks like a giant iPad on a stand. Razor-thin.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:36:16 PM
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:36:41 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:36:59 PM
    Users can also move apps and files over between the two sides of the drive to tweak performance. Schiller pulls up a chart to show how this can help with something like app speed. "You get near the performance of Flash," he says "without having to do anything else."
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:36:59 PM
    All base apps and OS elements stay on flash. Other hybrid hard drives often have more like 32GB or 64GB of SSD.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:37:25 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:37:37 PM
    iMac comes with wireless keyboard and a Magic Mouse or Trackpad. Starts at $1,299.
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:37:51 PM
    For the 21.5 inch model with 2.7ghz i5 chip. They ship in November.
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:38:12 PM
    27-inch iMac w/2.9ghz quad core i5 ships for $1,799. Start shipping in December.
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:38:15 PM
    That base iMac is a pretty tempting package.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:38:20 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:38:35 PM
    Schiller says the new model uses up to 50 percent less memory than the previous models.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:38:38 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:38:45 PM
    And that's it for Mac. Schiller hands it back over to Cook.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:39:01 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:39:06 PM
    "These products are really cool," he says. Now onto iPad...
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:39:13 PM
    alright, here we go. iPad.
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:39:28 PM
    "Each time we get together there's a new number or statistic to illustrate the growth of this product," he says. 2 weeks ago Apple sold its 100M iPad.
  • Scott Stein 10/23/2012 5:39:48 PM
    Will there just be one, or will they dare to update the larger one, too?
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:40:04 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:40:18 PM
    "That's 100 million in just two and a half years. This is unprecedented for a new product in a new category," he adds. Cook says Apple sold more iPads in the June quarter than any PC manufacturer sold.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:40:35 PM
  • Josh Lowensohn 10/23/2012 5:40:54 PM
    As for how they're being used, Cook points to Web traffic stats, where the iPad has a 91 percent share versus "other" at 9 percent. No idea where these numbers are coming from though.
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:40:55 PM
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:41:03 PM
  • James Martin 10/23/2012 5:41:25 PM
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