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Facebook holds press event to show off its next big thing

Facebook is holding a media event at its headquarter in Menlo Park, Calif. We'll be bringing you all the news.

  • James Martin 1/15/2013 5:59:05 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 5:59:24 PM
    Standing room only , though unsure how many of those are FB employees
  • David Hamilton 1/15/2013 5:59:43 PM
    @Jay C, that's exactly what we'll do once things get rolling.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:00:34 PM
    Meantime, employees gotta be please that Facebook's stock is up almost 1% on a down day in market. And at $31.25, it's edging back towards IPO price of $38.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:00:59 PM
    Correct, there is no live stream.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:02:25 PM
    If this is a phone, Zuckerberg will be following one of his mentors -- Steve Jobs -- in saying one thing and doing another.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:02:30 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:03:39 PM
    COO Sheryl Sandberg is in the house
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:03:53 PM
  • David Hamilton 1/15/2013 6:03:58 PM
    @Mika Nope. But Paul and our photographer James Martin are.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:04:23 PM
    Zuckerberg is on the stage
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:04:35 PM
    Says the first big product announcement at new campus
  • David Hamilton 1/15/2013 6:04:51 PM
    OK, we're muting comments now. We'll reopen after the event.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:04:51 PM
    Reiterates mission of making teh world a more connected place
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:05:32 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:05:33 PM
    He's talking about giving people the tools for the social graph. Some tools help you stay connected; others help you make new connections. Most people think of FB as the former--helping you stay connected with people you already know
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:05:52 PM
    Today, he says, going to discuss a service that helps users make new connections.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:06:46 PM
    Like any database, you should be able to query it. There are a few major use cases ....the first -- they want to know in the world, w/ the people around them. That's news feed. Another common query : who is this person? Tell me about them. That's timeline.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:07:06 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:07:06 PM
    Those are first two pillars. Today, we're talking about the third.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:07:37 PM
    What's more interesting is giving people the power to take any cut or query of the graph they want -- we're callnig it "graph search"
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:07:48 PM
    What is graph search? It's not web search.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:07:48 PM
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:08:12 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:08:16 PM
    There rare more than 1 billion people, more than 240 people photos, 1 trillion connections.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:08:42 PM
    He's describing the "graph search" -- and indexing all this content to it can be retrieved.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:08:47 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:08:51 PM
    The search we wanted to build is privacy aware.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:09:23 PM
    It's really powerful. On FB, most the things people share w/ you aren't public. Which makes search challenging.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:09:26 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:09:52 PM
    - Every piece of content has its own audience; most content is not public; you can only search for content that has been shared with you.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:10:22 PM
    He's talking about the difference between web search and graph search.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:11:00 PM

    I.e., a search for "hip hop" -- web search will take any open ended query and return links. Graph search is intended to give you the answer -- not links that might give you the answer.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:11:15 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:11:30 PM
    One big design problem, how can we answer questions that are intuitive.
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:12:01 PM
    Answer we came to is: filters. (And he gets laughs.)
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:12:10 PM
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:13:06 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:13:24 PM
    We came up with something we thought was much more natural. After a few months, the team came up with ....
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:14:12 PM
    He's showing a video of search. I.e., photos of my friends taken in 2009. Or photos of me and my friends. Or: restaurants in Chicago; Or: Music my friends like.... And so on.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:14:25 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:14:35 PM
    It's early, but graph search is a way of answering questions.
  • James Martin 1/15/2013 6:14:45 PM
  • Paul Sloan 1/15/2013 6:14:56 PM
    Focused on people, photos, places and interests. Those are the four different use cases.
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