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Ford's 2015 CES keynote

Ford's new CEO Mark Fields will take to the stage and tell us what's next for the Blue Oval.

  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:29:28 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:29:29 PM
    Fields: "We received some absolutely brilliant submissions, and we're going to highlight 11 of them today."
  • Antuan Goodwin 1/6/2015 5:30:09 PM
    Automakers are really embracing the app development contests. I see dozens of hackathon or app challenges yearly.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:30:14 PM
    Ken Washington is on the stage, who runs Ford's R&D center in Silicon Valley.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:30:37 PM
    The first app we're going to look at is Parking Lot 2.0.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:31:01 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:31:07 PM
    It's an app that lets drivers make "painless mobility payments" and get notifications when their meter is almost expired.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:31:17 PM
    Scratch that, the app is called "Crowd Park."
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:31:24 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:31:49 PM
    Lot owners can raise prices based on demand, which sounds a little Uber-like.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:31:57 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:32:04 PM
    People can actually take pictures of people who are illegally parked, and get a little reward themselves.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:32:06 PM
  • Antuan Goodwin 1/6/2015 5:32:24 PM
    @TimStevens: VERY Uber-like.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:32:29 PM
    Next up, moving to Argentina, and alleviating congestion. The concept is called the Urban Shuttle.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:32:52 PM
    It's a conceptual series of mini-shuttles that can connect together, and then split off.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:32:57 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:33:12 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:33:20 PM
    Now looking at another parking app for London.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:33:37 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:33:51 PM
    I have to be honest, it's a little difficult to keep up with all these apps and demos and "solutions." The future of transportation is looking like an even more fragmented place than it is today.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:34:00 PM
    Next app is "Smart Taxi" in Lisbon.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:34:13 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:34:34 PM
    It gives taxi drivers a heat map to show where the biggest fares are to be found -- which means good luck getting a ride uptown in the morning.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:35:03 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:35:12 PM
    Now we're talking about monsoon season in Mumbai, and there's an app to basically tell you how bad the water-logging is and where you should avoid.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:36:03 PM
    Another app, now, focusing on the "golden hour" -- which refers to the 60 minute window to ideally get patients to the hospital.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:36:06 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:36:41 PM
    For the Golden Hour challenge, an application called FLARE, will help emergency services find a way to crashes quickly.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:37:56 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:38:03 PM
    Next app, a biometric verification service for developing areas. It's called SimPrints.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:38:29 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:38:43 PM
    The idea is to create a simple cheap solution for identifying people in developing nations to better enable health tracking.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:39:32 PM
    Next up, solution for helping drivers who are driving off-road or in challenging terrains.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:39:43 PM
  • Antuan Goodwin 1/6/2015 5:39:57 PM
    The heath and fingerprint scanning apps being featured now are starting to get pretty far from Ford's "mobility" focus, but maybe I'm not thinking big enough.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:40:07 PM
    Okay, finally, that section of the presentation is over.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:40:11 PM
    Mark Fields is back.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:40:14 PM
    Oh, no, it's not over.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:40:25 PM
    Next mobility challenge is to help commuters in Shanghai.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:40:53 PM
    It's an app called Parkopedia, "the Wikipedia for parking."
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:41:03 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:41:22 PM
    It basically aggregates information about parking around the world, with information about availability, distance, and cost.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:41:33 PM
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:42:00 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:42:19 PM
    Next up, Chongquing, China. Connecting multiple modes of public transportation.
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:42:21 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:42:50 PM
    The winning app can help you get from A to B using everything from trains to rickshaws.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:42:59 PM
    "25 experiments, 25 opportunities to start creating new transportation solutions."
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:43:03 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:43:24 PM
    "As we drive innovation, in every part of our business, we're determined to learn."
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:43:30 PM
    "We're determined to challenge custom and change tradition."
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:43:56 PM
    Ford is challenging its engineers to "create a better world."
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:44:23 PM
    "Will we marvel at the innovation in these products themselves, or will we think about innovation with a higher purpose? ... At Ford, we're doing both."
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:44:27 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:44:54 PM
    Fields wants us to come by the booth and see their autonomous tech and to learn more about the experiments that they dragged us through today.
  • Antuan Goodwin 1/6/2015 5:45:12 PM
    "We've asked [our challenge participants] to not just make better products. We ask them to innovate... to make people's lives better."
  • James Martin 1/6/2015 5:45:24 PM
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:45:26 PM
    And that's it! We're done with the opening keynote and the CES floor is opening.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:45:31 PM
    We're off to go find the latest and greatest.
  • Tim Stevens 1/6/2015 5:45:52 PM
    Thanks for joining us, and make sure you keep an eye on

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