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Google I/O 2015 live blog

Google's annual developers conference is underway. Watch the live stream and follow CNET's live blog here.

  • James Martin 5/28/2015 3:55:23 PM

    Hello from Google I/O!

  • James Martin 5/28/2015 3:55:42 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:56:24 PM
    Welcome everyone!
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:56:38 PM
    We're sitting here in the keynote area of the Moscone center, watching as some early attendees play a game of wrap-around pong.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:57:08 PM
    It's a big room, as ever, and the majority of the attendees, the developers, are still waiting to be admitted to the festivities.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 3:57:12 PM
    hey everyone- Scott Stein here. I'll be hopping in to discuss any weird new wearables, VR, or other surprises as they happen.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 3:57:15 PM

    There is a game of Pong happening from side to side, about 280 degrees all the way around the room!

  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:57:27 PM
    The room is dark and dimly lit, with some light trance playing and some very Matrix-like graphics cycling through the displays.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 3:57:27 PM
    The Pong has been the big win so far.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:57:56 PM
    And there are lots of displays! We're absolutely surrounded by a series of screens that might give us stiff necks if we're forced to look around at them during the entire presentation.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 3:57:56 PM
    Hello everyone! A round of introductions. I'm Rich Nieva, here with CNET's Tim Stevens, Nick Statt, Scott Stein and James Martin
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 3:58:21 PM
    I'm sitting several rows behind Tim, Rich, James and Nick, next to Rachel King. What I lack in camaraderie I make up for in aisle access.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:59:03 PM
    I and Os are floating down the screens in front of us as the music plays. But the stage is largely vacant.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:59:17 PM
    There's one podium to our right, white of course, with a pair of cameras that'll likely be used for capturing demos.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 3:59:25 PM
    But other than that, not a whole lot going on up there.
  • Nick Statt 5/28/2015 3:59:27 PM
    And I'm only here to rapturously commend whoever provided us with wired Internet and power. No outages this morning (we hope).
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 3:59:28 PM
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 3:59:46 PM
    The descending I and O animations are very Matrix.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 4:00:15 PM
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 4:00:44 PM
    No Exit, James.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:01:03 PM
    The journalists have largely taken their seats at this point, and some are milling about chatting, making bio breaks, the usual.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 4:01:10 PM
    We’re in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Google regularly holds its I/O conferences here. It was in this building three years ago that Google first introduced Google Glass, the company’s Internet-connected eyewear. Skydivers jumped out of a blimp onto the building.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:01:25 PM
    These seats, by the way, are not very comfortable. But we do at least have power and Ethernet here for our laptops, which means we should be in good shape for connectivity.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 4:01:41 PM
    I have a banana in my bag. That may have been overkill. The key thing during a keynote this length is water.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 4:01:49 PM
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 4:01:56 PM
    I have no power, Tim. Why does my seat not have power
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:02:28 PM
    Of course, with all these cables routed around it won't take much for someone to trip and knock us all offline, so look forward to that.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 4:02:53 PM
    By the way, the event officially kicks off at 9:30am PT, so you have half an our to listen to our brilliant insights until then.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:02:54 PM
    We're seated four rows back, with the first three rows dedicated to Google personnel. None of them have filed in yet. They probably have a secret entrance.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:03:01 PM
    Or parachutes.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:03:05 PM
    Maybe jet packs.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:03:12 PM
    It's probably jet packs.
  • KenFromChicago 5/28/2015 4:03:37 PM
    Wait, so none of the Cnet reporters will be seen or heard onscreen? #SadPanda :-(
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 4:04:04 PM
    What I'm expecting are: unveilings of new Android Wear watch designs (like the Tag one), hopefully talk of iOS compatibility, ways Android Wear can tap into other Google services, and lots and lots of VR via Cardboard. And...I'd love to see a peek at Magic Leap, or something weird.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 4:04:28 PM
    @TimStevens: drone escort
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:04:32 PM
    Looking around the room is definitely starting to fill up. We're about 25 minutes away from things officially kicking off, so still plenty of time for y'all to get some coffee, take a break, etc.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 4:04:40 PM
    Lots of "GDG!" chants. ok
  • Nick Statt 5/28/2015 4:06:22 PM
    We're also expecting some details about Google's Android TV platform and some news regarding Android Pay, the company's mobile payments tech.
  • KenFromChicago 5/28/2015 4:06:52 PM
    Jetpacks would be awesome way to intro Google Glass 2.0 or pert near any other new technology. Jetpacks FTW!
  • Nick Statt 5/28/2015 4:07:17 PM
    And as always, expect some news about search (probably Google Now related maybe). Google+ announcements... ? Maybe not.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 4:07:32 PM
  • elearningshow 5/28/2015 4:07:51 PM
    Hoverboards is the only way to go
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 4:07:52 PM
    Music is getting a little more bass-heavy, for better or worse. There's also some fog filling the room. Lasers? Lasers.
  • Corey Nagel 5/28/2015 4:08:25 PM
    @scott stein you're awesome!
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