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Google I/O 2015 live blog

Google's annual developers conference is underway. Watch the live stream and follow CNET's live blog here.

  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:42:23 PM
    Okay, going to a road trip back in 2005, and pinching to zoom in.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:42:39 PM
    You can pinch in on any photo that you like. And, it's all quick and seamless, despite no photo actually being on the phone.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:42:51 PM
    The photo management space has been heating up as of late. Dropbox has Carousel and Yahoo recently updated Flickr to make it work more like a camera roll.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:42:51 PM
    But really, are digital photos anywhere, ever? Think about it.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:43:05 PM
    Now we're going to look at the organization side of things.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:43:09 PM
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:43:18 PM
    Tim: you're melting my brain
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:43:21 PM
    We're searching now, photos organized by people, places, and things.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:43:34 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:43:35 PM
    "I have not tagged a single one of them" but the photos are all auto-organized.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:43:47 PM
    Tapping on his face pulled up all photos of him, including that new selfie.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:43:47 PM
    "Let's tap on my face," he says
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:43:58 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:00 PM
    We're tweeting that photo, too.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:07 PM
    It's out there, check the #io15 hashtag to find it.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:44:16 PM
    So Google organizes everything. how much storage?
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:20 PM
    Photos of his niece, now, scrolling back to when she was 4 years old.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:29 PM
    Wow, it even goes back to the week she was born. Thats... impressive.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:32 PM
    And a little scary.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:40 PM
    "We can automatically group photos of the same person over time."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:51 PM
    Now we're searching for "snowstorm in toronto"
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:44:56 PM
    and, there they are.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:45:09 PM
    I spent days going through old pics of my dad when he passed away. I wonder what Google would do with my photo archive. This is very Black Mirror
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:45:30 PM
    Tapping the pencil icon allows easy edits. And, you can create a collage, animation, even movies quickly.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:45:32 PM
    Again, Google's service stands out because the company is so good at search. A simple point, but notable.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:45:41 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:45:56 PM
    Swipe to the left to bring out a photos assistant, with suggested edits and animations and the like.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:46:00 PM
    I want to use this.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:46:05 PM
    We're looking at a GoPro video now, a day of mountain biking.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:46:19 PM
    Yep, there's the CMOS jiggle, definitely GoPro.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:46:31 PM
    Google Photos added music, even edited things together.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:46:37 PM
    But, you can manually edit if needed.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:47:00 PM
    Now we're searching "baseball"
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:47:02 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:47:19 PM
    This looks like an updated version of a feature Google used to call "Auto Awesome."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:47:23 PM
    To multi-select, there's a new gesture. Press and hold, and drag your finger to select them all.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:47:24 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:47:28 PM
    Wow, big applause for multi-select!
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:47:32 PM
    Then, tap the share button.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:47:42 PM
    So, will this photo service tag people who are strangers, so when you photograph people years later it'll remind you of when you last saw them?
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:47:47 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:47:51 PM
    For sharing, he tapped "Get a link."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:48:21 PM
    Those photos are then visible on "High quality content without needing to log in or download any app."
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:48:46 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:48:48 PM
    If you're logged in, and the photos were logged in, you can tap a button to add them to your library, too.
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