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Google I/O 2015 live blog

Google's annual developers conference is underway. Watch the live stream and follow CNET's live blog here.

  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:14:34 PM
    4000+ apps for Android Wear. That's a lot. Apple has many for Apple Watch, but they'll all need to be redone after SDK.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:14:35 PM
    "Ultimately, Android Wear is about choice."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:14:45 PM
    Because it certainly isn't about style.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:14:47 PM
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:15:05 PM
    many more Android Wear watches by end of year?
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:15:11 PM
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:15:14 PM real news there.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:15:15 PM
    Sudar Pichai is back up on stage.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:15:29 PM
    'You should be able to wear what you want, and build what you want." "With Android Wear, you can.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:15:38 PM we go. Connecting to the rest of your home.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:15:42 PM
    "Wouldn't it be great if you could do that for more devices. If you could connect more devices that you run into in your day-to-day life."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:15:51 PM
    So, it's time to talk about the Internet of Things, it seems.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:15:55 PM
    Called it.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:16:05 PM
    "The most common thing that gets talked about is the smarter home."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:16:10 PM
    Maybe it's time for an Android@Home update?
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:16:20 PM
    Was hoping we'd hear about Android Wear working with these things, but I guess this is part of that.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:16:30 PM
    "You can imagine a farmer managing the entire farm from her smartphone, the security cameras, the sensors, the irrigation equipment, all of them can be connected."
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:16:40 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:16:51 PM
    "We see a range of possibilities and we think it's endless, but there are a whole lot of challenges."
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:16:59 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:17:03 PM
    He's talking about the difficulties of manufacturers building their own software, creating experiences, etc.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:17:23 PM
    Now Pichai is talking about Nest.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:17:25 PM
    "For users, it is really difficult to make these things work together." - Just say the big F word, Sundar.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:17:27 PM
    (Just want to re-emphasize: that Android Wear info was a recap of what's already been known. Software coming to watches now, already on LG Watch Urbane)
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:17:34 PM
    (That's "Fragmentation" by the way)
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:17:36 PM
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:17:47 PM
    Google marked its entrance into the smart home market in 2013 with its $3 billion acquisition of Nest, a startup that makes a Web-connected thermostat and smoke detector, and co-founded by former Apple executive Tony Fadell.
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:17:50 PM
    He’s considered a hardware guru and played a key role in the development of Apple’s original iPod and iPhone.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:18:07 PM
    Project Brillo is now official, "the underlying operating system for the internet of things."
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:18:20 PM
    Pichai announces Brillo, a platform for IoT
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:18:26 PM
    "Brillo is derived from Android, but we have taken Android and polished it down, hence the name 'Brillo'"
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:18:27 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:18:45 PM
    It is said to be "easy to secure" and supports a range of chips and hardware.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:18:47 PM
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:19:13 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:19:20 PM
    The next step is Weave, which is the communications layer.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:19:35 PM
    "You need a common language, a shared understanding, so that devices can not only talk to each other and to the cloud, and to the phone."
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:19:54 PM
    There are, of course, standards for this already, but the best part about standards is there are so many to choose from, and here's another.
  • Scott Stein 5/28/2015 5:20:02 PM
    Really curious how Brillo interfaces with Android Wear. Hopefully we can ditch the phone from the equation as needed.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:20:04 PM
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:20:11 PM
    So this is a way for a device to define what functions it can perform, in a simple, standardized way.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:20:26 PM
    Metadata identifies actions a device can take, and other devices can issue commands to execute these actions.
  • Tim Stevens 5/28/2015 5:20:40 PM
    "The powerful thing is that Weave exposes developer APIs in a cross-platform way."
  • Richard Nieva 5/28/2015 5:20:43 PM
    Weave fits in with Google's larger mission: powering every single device you own.
  • James Martin 5/28/2015 5:20:53 PM
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