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HTC's New York launch event

HTC has a few tricks up its sleeve with its latest product announcement.

  • Brian Bennett 9/19/2012 3:00:02 PM
    OK here's scene...lots of media, and big colored drapes hanging on all four walls.
  • SEDATCnet 9/19/2012 3:00:03 PM
    What I want is '1.7 ghz snapdragon pro quad core, 2 gb of ram, 1080p stunning display, 64 gb of capacity , and a waterproof phone :) namely HTC One X++
  • Zibbe 9/19/2012 3:00:22 PM
    You guys are cool!
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:00:26 PM
    Pics are on their way guys. Hang on for a few moments. I see Sarah snapping away!
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:00:54 PM
    So we're here at an event space on the west side of Manhattan.
  • Brian Bennett 9/19/2012 3:01:03 PM
    There's a massive projection screen in front with ribbons of colors flowing across it.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:01:26 PM
    The walls are draped with a lot of different colors, a hint of what's to come.
  • Brian Bennett 9/19/2012 3:01:35 PM
    Oh and the music is booming with lots of bass.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:02:22 PM
    Random moving colors and patterns are on the big display on stage.
  • tvaidyan 9/19/2012 3:02:33 PM
    Colors - Windows 8 Device (oh, please, please, please.... let it be so)!
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:03:05 PM
    Sorry, no streaming video for this event, but we'll be here with the blow-by-blow details, pics, and analysis.
  • chris 9/19/2012 3:03:24 PM
    I hope it a crazy android device that knock apple down a few notches
  • Douglas 9/19/2012 3:03:26 PM
    I have a pretty good feeling that were are not going to see any android action today.
  • Mike 9/19/2012 3:03:55 PM
    @Bennett, Sarah, Cheng, Any thing on the stage.. covered... just wanted to know if its just phones or tablets too..
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:04:45 PM
    @Mike Nope. The stage is empty.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:04:52 PM
    I'm sure the stage will fill up soon enough.
  • Brian Bennett 9/19/2012 3:04:54 PM
    It's starting to really fill up in here. Getting that press event electricity forming.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:06:42 PM
    Brian and I were at the LG event earlier this morning, and while there was a crowd, it was nothing like the HTC event here.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:07:12 PM
    Before they let us in, the line had stretched nearly to the end of the block.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:07:22 PM
    There's a big difference in enthusiasm between LG and HTC.
  • Roger Cheng 9/19/2012 3:07:38 PM
    Not making a judgment on their products, just noting the relative attention each get.
  • Brian Bennett 9/19/2012 3:08:22 PM
    There's a ring of executive types around the seating area...looks like this is gonna be big!
  • sarahtew 9/19/2012 3:08:31 PM
  • Kent German 9/19/2012 3:09:32 PM
    Lynn and I will be signing off now that CNET's crew is inside. Enjoy the show and thanks for joining us!
  • DaCatalyst 9/19/2012 3:09:36 PM
    Think you guys may come away with a free device?
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