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Instagram NYC event

The photo sharing social network will reveal news Thursday during an event in Midtown Manhattan.

  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:45:33 PM
    @BridgetCarey: I'm sure you and Shara will paint a vivid enough picture for our loyal readers.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:46:34 PM
    Alright. We're now in the actual event space. I really like this venue. It's very cute and personable compared to a lot of the venues tech companies book for announcements.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:46:46 PM
    Photos to come soon from Sarah Tew.
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:46:54 PM
    @Tyler: I don't think Zuckerberg will be making an appearance.
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:47:42 PM
    Okay, I may be wrong. I was just informed Zuckerberg was at a previous Instagram event.
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:48:02 PM
    And if he is on that wood block photo, it would be odd of him NOT to show, right?
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:48:12 PM

    Photo books sitting around the event venue.

  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:48:23 PM
    No word about a Zuck appearance, but Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom will be here.
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:48:46 PM
    Okay, that photo suggests some sort of printing service. Because the world needs another photo printing service...
  • Donna Tam 12/12/2013 2:48:47 PM
    Right, he was there for Instagram Video. Guess we'll see if the news is big enough for Zuck to show up.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:48:49 PM
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:48:59 PM
    Ok kids. I really don't think it's Zuck on that wood block. hahahahaha
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:49:06 PM
    Okay, that is a cool space. Very intimate looking.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:49:24 PM
    Yeah, it's really nice. I want to move into this. haha.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:49:27 PM

    Shabby chic Christmas theme...

  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:49:45 PM
    Maybe not, but the guy in there looks just enough like him to at least spur some debate.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:49:47 PM

    The pomegranites are tempting, but might be messy to eat on the white couches...

  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:49:50 PM
    It's on the 11th and 12th floors of a building near the Empire State building.
  • Donna Tam 12/12/2013 2:49:51 PM
    He was hiding up until the last minute during the Video announcement. See if there's someone wearing a hoodie backstage.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:50:09 PM
  • Bridget Carey 12/12/2013 2:50:16 PM
    Keeping with the vintage Instagram style, we're sitting in wood chairs and they served yogurt in mason jars. How quaint.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:50:35 PM

    Bridget and Shara.

  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:50:49 PM
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:50:49 PM
    Okay, with Shara, Sarah, and Bridget in place, I'm bowing out. You're in good hands with those three.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:51:08 PM
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:51:29 PM
  • Bridget Carey 12/12/2013 2:53:02 PM
    We have yet to hear any numbers about how many people are sharing video on Instagram. That feature rolled out in the summer. Would be interesting to get some updated user stats.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:53:16 PM

    Bridget behind me in the 2nd row.

  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:53:22 PM
    We're still hanging out for a bit. Event doesn't start until 10 ET. One of the Instagram folks told me we're running 8 minutes behind, which is very precise. haha
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 2:54:52 PM
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 2:56:06 PM
    The room is packed for this event. Lots of reporters made it out to hear Instagram's latest news.
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 2:56:20 PM
    Just FYI, there is no public live feed for this event. You'll have to follow Shara, Sarah, and Bridget.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:00:42 PM
    We're still hanging out, waiting for the start. Could be any time now.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:01:54 PM
    We're up. Kevin Systrom kicking things off.
  • Roger Cheng 12/12/2013 3:02:11 PM
    Alright, the event is kicking off. We'll be turning off comments.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:02:17 PM
    Systrom - We're at a point in the year where we like to look back and be reflective about the previous year.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:02:30 PM
    We've grown quite a bit. 80M users at beginning of year. Now over 150M worldwide.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:02:36 PM
    Launched people tagging and other items.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 3:02:51 PM
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:02:52 PM
    One of the largest launches was Instagram video, Systrom says.
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 3:02:58 PM
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:03:04 PM
    We need to look forward now. What's coming in 2014. That's what we're here to talk about today.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:03:18 PM
    Says going to tell a story about himself, cofounder and Dogpatch Labs.
  • Shara Tibken 12/12/2013 3:03:38 PM
    A new way to communicate and share in the real world, he says. (That's what was planned when it first launched.)
  • sarahtew 12/12/2013 3:03:42 PM
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