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LG press conference at CES 2015

LG will unveil its upcoming slate of TVs, home theater products, appliances, and other gadgets as it kicks off Press Day at CES 2015.

  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:39:54 PM
    This glide tech is pretty sweet.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:40:06 PM
    LG G Flex 2 announced on stage.
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:40:24 PM
    The real question re: curved phones; should the contour follow your face/butt (horiz curve, LG) or your leg (vertical, Samsung)?
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:41:13 PM
    So, Lee makes a good point that clamshell phones were curved, but smartphones usually aren't. LG is trying to get back to that old design with this device.
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:41:21 PM
    The answer: LG if you put your phone in your back pocket, Samsung if you put it in your front pocket.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:41:55 PM
    Curves are supposed to contour to face and make it easier to hold the phone, Lee said.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:42:07 PM
    It's a 5.5-inch display.
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:42:08 PM
    As a front-pocket guy, I can't get with LG's horiz curve, at least in the original version I tried.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:42:19 PM
    Bump up to 1080p from 720p in G Flex.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:42:32 PM
    That's a higher-resolution screen, by the way.
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:42:44 PM
    I'm a huge fan of OLED phone screens, BTW. Perfect black levels aren't just awesome for TVs.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:42:57 PM
    Lee repeats that this phone is like artwork.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:43:09 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:43:21 PM
    Phone to be offered in "flamenco red" as well.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:43:45 PM
    New chipset, better camera technology, Lee said.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:43:53 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:44:13 PM
    They added the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 to this phone. This is one of the first phones to announce using this new chip from Qualcomm.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:44:28 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:44:47 PM
    Snapdragon 810 is Qualcomm's newest high-end mobile chip, offering amped up processing power.
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:44:54 PM
    Looks like a high chance of precipitation in that drop-test simulation.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:45:11 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:45:18 PM
    Here's more on Snapdragon 810:

    Qualcomm boosts the brains on its flagship Snapdragon 810 chip - CNET

    CNETThe leading maker of mobile processors showcases the capabilities of its newest top-end chip, set to ship in devices starting early next year.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:45:27 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:45:44 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:45:47 PM
    It's the Wolverine of phones.
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:46:09 PM
    Yep, self-healing back plate and stronger display cover.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:46:25 PM
  • Ben Fox Rubin 1/5/2015 4:46:44 PM
    Plus adamantium claws...OK, not really.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2015 4:46:46 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2015 4:47:03 PM
    No new phone is complete without an improved selfie mode.
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