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Mercedes 2015 CES Keynote with Chairman Dieter Zetsche

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, will discuss "the latest advances in autonomous vehicle technology" (according to the CEA's press release) during his CES keynote address.

  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 3:49:39 AM
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 3:50:06 AM
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 3:50:54 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 3:52:31 AM
    Welcome folks, we are about 10 minutes away from seeing what Dr. Dieter Zetsche has to say for his keynote address at CES 2015
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 3:53:13 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 3:53:30 AM
    The keynote is at the Chelsea theater in the Cosmopolitan hotel, a big theater space with a traditional stage. Last year I saw Audi drive a car out onto the stage, so I wouldn't expect anything less from Mercedes-Benz
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 3:54:09 AM
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 3:55:16 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 3:55:46 AM
    'Welcome' in all languages, is scrolling across the giant rear screen
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 3:57:19 AM
    Most automakers and equipment suppliers here are demoing autonomous car tech at CES 2015, and I would expect something similar from Mercedes-Benz
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 3:58:43 AM
    Mercedes-Benz is pretty hip, they've got a dj wearing rhinestone headphones on stage to set the mood
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:01:36 AM
    We are at 8:01. Where is that teutonic promptness?
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:03:16 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:05:53 AM
    Looks like they are still herding people away from the wine and snacks in the lobby, but should start any minute
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:06:47 AM
    I wonder what song Dr. Zetsche will use to take the stage?
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:08:37 AM
    Opening video about innovation has started
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:09:21 AM
    Drones, a prosthetic hand, a racing game, and it appears the whole thing is a video for CES
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:09:38 AM
    And that video just showed a Toyota, bad move CES
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:10:21 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:10:39 AM
    Now there's a goofy animation video suggesting a glitch in the broadcast, and the robots are fixing it
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:10:56 AM
    Ooh, robot reference to Tinder
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:11:20 AM
    Ah, the little robot suggests humans should drive cars
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:11:43 AM
    But now Dr. Zetsche shows up, interrupting the robotos
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:12:02 AM
    Ah, back to the countdown
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:12:11 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:12:36 AM
    Funny though, the robot asks Zetsche if he's a robot, and he says no, I'm a German. Got a big laugh
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:12:55 AM
    Okay, Zetsche is on stage with a big eyeball robot he called cambot
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:13:07 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:13:19 AM
    Not the cambot I know, and he was just dismissed
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:13:35 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:14:00 AM
    Zetsche just said that robots who don't like humans should watch out, because there are more of us on the way
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:14:12 AM
    Seems to be the human side of autonomous driving
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:15:21 AM
    Zetsche poses the question, if urban areas are growing, will that make cars irrelevant. He of course replies no, and says cars will provide needed quiet space
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:15:46 AM
    Mercedes-Benz is going to show us an innovation that gives us more time and space
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:15:55 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:15:57 AM
    The key, 'autonomous driving'
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:16:23 AM
    Zetsche says cars will be 'exclusive cocoons on wheels'
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:17:24 AM
    Mercedes-Benz has been working on autonomous cars for 30 years, and came up with an early car that drove on the autobahn
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:17:49 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:18:05 AM
    Mercedes-Benz put an autonomous car on the road for 60 miles two years ago
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:18:54 AM
    Mercedes-Benz thinking beyond the passenger car, as it is the world's largest producer of heavy trucks
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:19:09 AM
    Video of the autonomous truck concept from last year
  • Josh Miller 1/6/2015 4:19:19 AM
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:20:12 AM
    Mercedes-Benz leads the world in driver assistance systems
  • wayne.cunningham 1/6/2015 4:20:29 AM
    I can believe that, having used those systems in S, E, and C class cars
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