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Microsoft Build keynote

CEO Satya Nadella and other Microsoft execs will give the keynote address on the first day of Microsoft Build. We expect new versions of Windows and Windows Phone and perhaps even some new hardware.

  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:06:43 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:06:54 PM
    Elop introduces CEO Satya Nadella.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:07:27 PM
    It's fantastic to be at Build, Nadella says.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:07:28 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:08:04 PM
    When you get kicked upstairs, you don't have your own keynote anymore, he quips.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:08:07 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:08:20 PM
    We started out as a company focused on developers, he says.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:08:40 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:08:58 PM
    We're again in that era. The entirety of Windows family, from phones, tablets, Internet of things; we have this presence in the mobile and cloud-first world.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:09:30 PM
    What's the best way to have a dialogue with 5,000 of my closest developer friends? They got questions from developers.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:09:41 PM
    Some of these questions are pretty hard, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:09:49 PM
    So a scripted Q&A with Nadella
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:10:08 PM
    First question: Why should I consider using Windows? I'm on Android now.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:10:29 PM
    Nadella: That's the question of the conference. You want to build for Windows because we're going to innovate with a challenger mindset.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:10:43 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:10:55 PM
    We're going to come at this by innovating in every dimension: hardware, software, go after this in such a way you see progress at a rapid pace, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:11:07 PM
    What you saw today is what you can come to expect from us, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:11:22 PM
    We have the sensibility to bring end users, developers, and IT folks together, he says
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:11:43 PM
    The second real attribute is to create a developer opportunity, which is broad, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:12:38 PM
    It's the notion of creating the broadest Windows opportunity for you is there, he says.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:12:39 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:13:05 PM
    We are going to use the same platform we want you to target to create apps for our platform, he says. We're going to bet on that platform ourselves.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:13:45 PM
    2nd question: Any plans to ensure that apps developed on one platform can be ported elsewhere?
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:14:11 PM
    Nadella: We want every developers to use their code and apply it across not only our family, but other platforms.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:14:25 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:14:43 PM
    If you look at the platform itself, we're the only platforms with APIs with language binding across both native, managed, and Web, he says. You can build in the language of your choice.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:15:05 PM
    Working with Phone Gap, Xamarin, and Unity to take apps cross platform, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:15:46 PM
    3rd question: I have a Surface Pro, but notice most people use iPads or Android tablets. What is Microsoft doing to compete in tablets?
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:16:10 PM
    Nadella: When it comes to tablets. It starts with great devices and great software. You need apps and good price points. Those are the big points.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:16:22 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:16:34 PM
    The Windows 8.1 update allows for tablets at full price range. They'll be able to really ensure tablets that anyone can use, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:16:48 PM
    We will continue to innovate on Surface. It's the most productive tablet out there, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:17:02 PM
    We will continue to strive to make Surface the most productive tablet in the market, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:17:19 PM
    What is the role of the tablet in the family of devices? That's what we obsess about, he says.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:17:37 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:17:41 PM
    We want our users to think of Windows family of devices and consistency of user experience. That's how we get competitive.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:18:02 PM
    4th question: How do you see the approach of UX design inside Microsoft in five years?
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:18:25 PM
    Nadella: When it comes to design and user experience, we've come a long way. We have a fantastic team of people.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:18:35 PM
    You see it with the live tiles, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:19:00 PM
    You can expect us to continue to push the envelope. The natural interface is the frontier, he says. Today shows what we're thinking about gestures, speech, etc.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:19:11 PM
    It's a broad agenda when it comes to natural user interface, he says.
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:19:41 PM
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:19:59 PM
    We're the ones with broadest range of input modes, really innovating across the Windows family, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 4/2/2014 6:20:34 PM
    5th Question: How will Microsoft help with the migration to the cloud?
  • James Martin 4/2/2014 6:20:50 PM
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