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  • Paolo Sanchez 10/25/2012 3:07:19 PM
    @Jay Greene didn't strike me as that kind of an exec.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:07:41 PM
    Microsoft still knows how to pack a room. The seats are filling up quickly.
  • Jay Greene 10/25/2012 3:08:02 PM
    @Paolo Sanchez Sinofsky is a polarizing figure. He ships product, which is a huge deal at Microsoft. But he doesn't always make friends in the process.
  • sarahtew 10/25/2012 3:08:20 PM
  • Jay Greene 10/25/2012 3:32:43 PM
    The form factors are really going to matter. There were plenty of new Windows 8 PCs in the lounge area when we came in that, honestly, did nothing for me. There's going to be a lot of experimenting going on with PC makers, and a lot of them are going to produce devices that won't sell.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:32:53 PM
    The Windows Store will be available in 231 markets, according to the slide behind Sinofsky.
  • sarahtew 10/25/2012 3:33:05 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:33:06 PM
    The potential market for Windows is the largest of any platform, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:33:13 PM
    I'd bet Android is catching up, though.
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:33:31 PM
    Sinofsky saying that the Windows Store, its app marketplace, has "the most favorable terms"
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:33:39 PM
    Developers everywhere are adding hundreds of apps every day, and that rate of addition is growing, he says.
  • Jay Greene 10/25/2012 3:33:51 PM
    The Windows Store is a fascinating bet for Microsoft. Apple has its Apple Store (as opposed to the iTunes Store).
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:33:53 PM
    The store also works with 109 languages.
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:34:03 PM
    Here comes RT
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:34:08 PM
    At launch, Windows Store kicks off with more apps than any app store launch in history, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:34:15 PM
    Sinofsky now on to Windows RT.
  • Jay Greene 10/25/2012 3:34:40 PM
    Windows RT won't run most legacy Windows apps. Microsoft has a challenge explaining that difference to consumers.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:34:46 PM
    It's a variant of Windows 8 that is compatible with devices using an ARM processor, the chips used in phones and tablets. Windows RT is like Windows 8 and can't run legacy Windows programs.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:35:01 PM
    Windows RT has a touch-optimized Internet Explorer 10.
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:35:12 PM
    Lots of hyphens on the screen. "all-day" "high-quality" "out-of-the-box" Not great for messaging.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:35:18 PM
    Windows RT doesn't run programs that run on Windows 7. It runs apps built specifically for its platform.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:35:31 PM
    Windows RT can only run apps bought from Windows Store.
  • sarahtew 10/25/2012 3:35:34 PM
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:35:47 PM
    What we're not hearing is WHY anybody would want a Windows 8 without legacy programs
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:35:59 PM
    The apps are designed to respect privacy and are easy to download or delete. It ensures Windows RT device can remain stable and reliable, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:36:26 PM
    Because of shared heritage with Windows 8, Windows RT can use the same peripherals, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:36:39 PM
    Windows RT supports over 420 million existing hardware devices, he says.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:36:53 PM
    Many of these products connect to Windows RT out of the box.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:37:20 PM
    Sinofsky gives a shout out to ARM makers like Qualcomm and Nvidia, as well as old school x86 chip makers Intel and AMD.
  • Jay Greene 10/25/2012 3:37:21 PM
    Businesses, which are huge customers of Microsoft technology, aren't going to jump on Windows RT because of the inability to use legacy apps. Windows RT is really Microsoft's bid to win over consumers rather than enterprises.
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:37:48 PM
    Demo time
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:38:14 PM
    Cue another video and we're on to demos.
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:38:28 PM
    Small print in the Windows 8
    commercial just shown: "Features may vary from device to device."
  • Jay Greene 10/25/2012 3:38:33 PM
    Sinofsky used to run Microsoft's Office group. He brought many of his executives with him to Windows. Up next Julie Larson-Green and Mike Angiulo who were with him there.
  • John Falcone 10/25/2012 3:38:33 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:38:56 PM of the hanging spotlights is shaking above the audience. Perhaps some folks should move.
  • sarahtew 10/25/2012 3:38:57 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:39:16 PM
    Julie now demoing a tablet using Windows 8.
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:39:28 PM
    She says Windows 8 is fun. I guess she has to say that.
  • seth.rosenblatt 10/25/2012 3:39:34 PM
    The Samsung Windows 7 tablet that they've been running Windows 8 on over the past year, handing it out to developers and testers, has a fan that's large enough to be called "hovercraftian."
  • John Falcone 10/25/2012 3:39:39 PM
    [Now we know Julie's password]
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:39:54 PM
    Julie running through the different navigation scheme with touch.
  • sarahtew 10/25/2012 3:40:21 PM
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:40:33 PM
    Mike is now re-arranging Julie's tile set up and changing the lock screen, which he says "changes the personality of the lock screen."
  • Roger Cheng 10/25/2012 3:40:57 PM
    Some of this looks familiar...I remember some of this being shown off during Mobile World Congress.
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