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Microsoft's Windows Phone Developer Summit

Join CNET for live, ongoing coverage of Microsoft's Windows Phone Developer Summit in San Francisco.

  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:31:47 PM
    "See some beefy powerful phones running some amazing games this year."
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:31:52 PM
    Again, we're looking at a gaming boom on Microsoft. I hope that shows with the XBox Live feature.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:32:11 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:32:21 PM
    XBox Live has been full of promise on Windows Phone, but hasn't really ever taken off like it should. Ditto with Kinect.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:32:31 PM
    So usually this cues a gaming demo....but no.
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:32:32 PM
    Native Code support will make portability easy for developers. We'll see more apps, bigger and more important apps coming faster, and some beautiful games.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:32:46 PM
    Back to hardware, they're unveiling NFC support.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:32:56 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:33:02 PM
    In Android phones, it's usually bundled into the batteries. So I wonder how they'll do it here.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:33:20 PM
    Microsoft calls it Tap + Share, which is a more colorful way to explain NFC.
  • charles.cooper 6/20/2012 4:33:37 PM
    More apps and oh-sooo-cool games -- the guy is talking big.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:33:37 PM
    WP8 is going to also include a wallet, so they're gunning after both Android AND iOS.
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:33:40 PM
    I saw an LG device (4X HD), where the NFC looked basically taped onto the underside of the phone's back piece.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:34:03 PM
    The wallet will operate as a hub, and it will hold credit card, loyalty card information in it AND will have a payments app.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:34:19 PM
    It WILL integrate third-party services into the app.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:34:26 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:34:31 PM
    I'm wondering if Google Wallet will be compatible or not. I'd guess no, though.
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:34:34 PM
    Integrates third-party experiences (with you can go to only one place to see all your account balances across several apps).
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:34:51 PM
    Here we go, the NFC will bundle into a "Secure SIM."
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:34:52 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:35:15 PM
    I wonder how an extra SIM will change the physical shape of the phone. Usually, the fewer internal components, the thinner it can go.
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:35:25 PM
    Did Google Wallet and iOS 6's Passbook just make a baby?
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:35:38 PM
    Now they're defending the SIM by saying that Google Wallet and mobile operators (ahem, Verizon) clash because operators prefer a secure SIM.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:35:48 PM
    Did Microsoft just do something right?!
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:36:18 PM
    Ok, we DO get a demo. Just not of games. We'll see a mobile payments demo after a demo with France's Orange network.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:36:34 PM
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:36:39 PM
    Microsoft partnered with Orange (in France) to bring a "delightful" user experience with NFC.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:36:50 PM
    Except that Belfiore is pronouncing it correctly: O-raaaanj.
  • John Robinson 6/20/2012 4:37:09 PM
    I really love the ideas and innovations coming out in this right now..but this is really starting to taste like Android! I loved this platform for being unique.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:37:31 PM
    I love that designers get into their craft, but "delightful" is so hackneyed.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:37:37 PM
  • Kent German 6/20/2012 4:37:50 PM
    You probably didn't know that Jessica is a stickler for French pronunciation.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:37:52 PM
    Every Windows phone will get the wallet hub.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:37:55 PM
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:37:58 PM
    @John Robinson: They do seem to blend together, don't they? I'm including iOS in this mix too.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:38:04 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:38:11 PM
    Orange will be the first to market with secure SIMS, and others will follow. No US announcements.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:38:39 PM
    Belfiore says Microsoft is working together with ISIS, so a solution should come next year, but not at launch.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:38:47 PM
    So that's too bad for the U.S.
  • Lynn La 6/20/2012 4:38:59 PM
    Sixth annoucement: Windows Phone 8 will include Nokia's mapping technology built in.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:38:59 PM
    Nokia's mapping technology is coming with Windows Phone 8.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:39:06 PM
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:39:28 PM
    Nokia has recently told me that Nokia is the biggest map company since they bought NavTeq, but I think competition is going to be FIERCE.
  • Jessica Dolcourt 6/20/2012 4:40:00 PM
    And in all honesty, I haven't personally had stellar experiences with Nokia's maps. I think Apple may have the best chance here, and this could hurt Microsoft if Nokia Maps disappoint.
  • josh.miller 6/20/2012 4:40:12 PM
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