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Microsoft's Xbox One E3 2015 Press Conference

Microsoft will kick off the year’s biggest video game confab on Monday, June 15 with a press conference dedicated to all things Xbox.

  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:47:15 PM
    A giant floating TV screen, is what it looks like. Look ma, no TV!
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:47:18 PM
    Showing a new version of Minecraft for Hololens. The way we'll see it is with a specialized camera that shows the overlays
  • Jeff Bakalar 6/15/2015 5:47:20 PM
    Will Xbox One games play wirelessly on Oculus? How's that gonna work?
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:47:31 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:47:32 PM
    Now...MineCraft has just leapt onto the freaking TABLE.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:47:42 PM
    Yow, it looks cool.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:48:07 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:48:07 PM
    He just made a Minecraft landscape sprout up. Like a virtual Lego toybox.
  • Sarah Tew 6/15/2015 5:48:13 PM
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:48:27 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:48:31 PM
    The group is impressed by how interactive this all seems
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:48:38 PM
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:49:09 PM
    This is pretty cool-looking. I can't imagine what my Lego-building son would think of this.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:49:10 PM
    Basically, they're building Minecraft as a hologram on a table. Of course, in the real world, there isn't anything like that.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:49:18 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:49:45 PM
    This is expertly choreographed but can normal people play this? That's one of the bigger questions.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:49:51 PM
    Camerman is basically moving around and seeing the whole augmented 3D display as if it were real. Comes across extremely well for this broadcast!!
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:49:59 PM
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:49:59 PM
    Blowing up the street with TNT to get to a cave underneath the town. Seems like good urban planning...
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:50:05 PM
    This is a killer, killer demo.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:50:35 PM
    HoloLens seems to lend itself a lot more to "build and create" games vs immersive entertainment. Thus Minecraft.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:50:37 PM
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:50:38 PM
    Great demo, but I really wanted to see the direct feed from the guy playing the game.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:50:51 PM
    oh, and by the way, no release date, no price
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:50:55 PM
    Cool, but I wonder how many games would be better with HoloLens.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:51:19 PM
    Rod Ferguson now on stage, talking Gears of War, the popular space-age shooting game
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:51:33 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:51:40 PM
    They're re-releasing a bunch of the older Gears of Wars games.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:51:57 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:52:03 PM
    Also worth noting that Microsoft bought the Gears of War franchise and is developing a new title.
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:52:26 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:52:57 PM
    We're seeing a video intro for it now. One of the things people love about Gears of War is the epic storyline, which like Halo, they seem to have really nailed over the years
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:53:23 PM
    What even happened in the Gears of War universe in the last two games? I seem to recall they basically blew up the world and never made any real progress -- kinda painted themselves into a narrative corner.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:53:34 PM
    Welcome back to dark hallways and ominous music. They're walking around a castle of some sort in the game.
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:53:49 PM
    Clearly Ian and I disagree on the Gears story arc. ;)
  • Josh Miller 6/15/2015 5:54:05 PM
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:54:39 PM
    Sorry, @dan.ackerman. You could probably say the same about Halo at this point. Anyway, now our heroes are running around trying to escape some sort of storm or something
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:54:56 PM
    Unlike a lot of other games, this new Gears game actually looks "next gen." Looks better than Halo and Fallout if you ask me.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:54:57 PM
    I liked Gears of War back when you were shooting through giant alien stomachs
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:55:04 PM
    "Now what?" One of the heroes asks. Count me in on that question.
  • Scott Stein 6/15/2015 5:55:35 PM
    don't touch it...touch it
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:55:52 PM
    She says "don't touch it!" just as a giant hand icon appears for you to touch it.
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:56:12 PM
    Now fast-paced music and some sort of alien goop are involved. "Don't touch the pods" -- a great phrase in any sci-fi.
  • dan.ackerman 6/15/2015 5:56:29 PM
    How long have we been here? 2.5 hours?
  • Ian Sherr 6/15/2015 5:56:46 PM
    @dan.ackerman, need a pillow?
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