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Nokia "Zoom Reinvented" event

Nokia will be taking the wraps off its new Lumia 1020 smartphone at an event in New York City on July 11.

  • Marguerite Reardon 7/11/2013 4:10:51 PM
    @richietheprogrammer Fair enough, my friend!
  • hemal 7/11/2013 4:11:02 PM
    @Marguerite True that, but should it be limited to Google Chrome, is what I wonder? For me, the UI wins - how easy I can use the phone and how much functional it is.. For that matter, I use Android and iOS and can tell a difference. I am yet to get on to the Windows Bangwagon simply because Nokia lauched it when I just bought a new one. Other thing being - what will happen to my Paid Apps?
  • Marguerite Reardon 7/11/2013 4:12:07 PM
    Ok, I think it's time to wrap things up here. If you have more comments or questions send them in now or forever hold your peace ;)
  • richietheprogrammer 7/11/2013 4:12:39 PM
    you know what would be amazing, a 1020 phone with Maemo running on it. That would be something else.
  • Marguerite Reardon 7/11/2013 4:14:17 PM
    That's a wrap then. Thank you for joining us for the live blog. And thanks for sharing your questions and comments. CNET will have first look videos, news stories and a review coming. So please check back with CNET for news and analysis on this announcement.
  • richietheprogrammer 7/11/2013 4:14:41 PM
    @MargueriteReardon thanks for the coverage. Man would I love a job with you guys, to be able to attend events like this. Cheers!
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