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Sony CES 2017 press conference

If it's new and cool and coming from Sony in 2017, expect to see it on stage at the company's CES press conference.

  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:43:26 AM
    Hi everyone! Welcome to the Sony press conference! Katie Collins here, CNET's London-based news reporter
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 12:44:46 AM
    David Katzmaier checking in alongside Katie. We also have the expert photography of Sarah Tew to bring you all the pix.
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:45:02 AM
    David is our resident TV whizz here at CNET
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:45:27 AM
    Also with us is photographer extraordinaire Sarah Tew
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 12:45:29 AM
    I'm expecting big TV news. Like maybe confirmation of a very detailed rumor that Sony will sell an OLED TV to challenge LG in the US market.
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 12:45:43 AM
    whizz, is that a UK spelling ;) ?
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:46:27 AM
    I'm predicting a lot of audio news today
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:46:55 AM
    A couple of Xperia phones have also been rumored, but I expect Sony might hang onto them until Mobile World Congress next month
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 12:48:39 AM
    With LG announcing a 4K Blu-ray player earlier at the show (that does both Dolby Vision and HDR10) I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony follow suit. Also, Dolby Vision discs are expected later this year.
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:48:41 AM
    It's a nice setup here at Sony and we've got great seats on the second row, but I must say I'm a little jealous of those squishy armchairs Intel laid out at its press conference earlier
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:49:16 AM
    Who said physical media was dead?
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 12:49:40 AM
    As we walked in all the cool stuff was strategically covered by massive pull-away-friendly coverings. The suspense!
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:50:44 AM
    Sony has been very quiet about what we can expect to see today
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:51:09 AM
    Unlike Samsung and LG -- both companies made a bunch of announcements ahead of their press conferences
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 12:51:38 AM
    Above us on the huge screen hang images of SLR cameras, bluetooth speakers, PS VR headsets, phones, camcorders, TVs, smart light bulbs...Sony still makes a lot of stuff.
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 12:53:03 AM
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 12:53:15 AM
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 12:53:34 AM
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:54:10 AM
    As people are filing in I can feel the temperature rising in here. Hoping it doesn't turn into a sauna!
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 12:56:02 AM
    Five minutes and counting until we kick off
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 12:58:33 AM

    demo area visible to the right of the stage... looks photography related...

  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:00:12 AM
    We're beginning!
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:00:34 AM
    Starting with a video, as is customary at these things
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 1:00:59 AM
    A rush of choral music sets the stage. A little Lion King-ish.
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:01:02 AM
    Showcasing all the different Sony product ranges -- cameras, PlayStation etc
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:01:13 AM
    Sony President Kazuo Hirai takes the stage
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:01:24 AM
    He's such a smiley chap
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 1:01:47 AM
    I'm digging his kicks.
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:02:12 AM
    Hirai said he's been personally involved in much of the new
    product development
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 1:02:16 AM
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:02:29 AM
    First up is the crystal LED display
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:02:56 AM
    It's 32 feet by 9 feet
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:03:05 AM
    A massive curved screen above the stage
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 1:03:16 AM
    Crystal LED TV is a concept display that I haven't heard of before. It's completely massive...seems like a better fit for Times Square than my house.
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:03:40 AM
    "Whenever you see or interact with our products we want to stimulate an emotional response"
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 1:04:01 AM
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:04:11 AM
    "We want to connect with you at the last 1 inch'" says Hirai
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 1:04:24 AM
    Last One Inch is Last One Millimeter to the rest of the world.
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:04:27 AM
    He's now addressing questions about whether Sony can remain relevant
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:05:04 AM
    (The answer is yes)
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:05:32 AM
    We're starting off by talking about HDR, or high dynamic range
  • Sarah Tew 1/5/2017 1:05:47 AM
  • Katie Collins 1/5/2017 1:05:53 AM
    Most people will be familiar with this from taking photos on their phones
  • David Katzmaier 1/5/2017 1:06:10 AM
    In our tests Sony's HDR TVs have been very good. They're also on the cutting edge of HDR production.
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