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Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

Live coverage of Sony's major E3 announcements

  • James Martin 6/5/2012 1:19:41 AM
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:19:47 AM
    "If you remember the Playstation Nation, there's one name that should be familiar to you, Michael."
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:19:57 AM
    Referring to an old viral video.
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:20:23 AM
    Annouces "Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale"
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 1:20:28 AM
    Oh boy. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 1:20:41 AM
    It's like Sony Smash Brothers
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:20:57 AM
    Looks ilke a fighting game with familiar Playstation characters. Kratos from God of War. Parappa the rapper, the clown from Twisted Metal, others.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 1:21:28 AM
    It's PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 1:21:28 AM
    Ok, that was a strong start, but now we're hearing Sony praise it's own commercials.
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:21:36 AM
    Chan Park from SuperBot Entertainment takes the stage
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 1:21:46 AM
    Battle Royale...for the Vita? Well, that sounds like more fun.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 1:21:59 AM
    The game is cross-compatible between PS3 and PS Vita.
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:22:01 AM
    "Today, I'm proud to announce that All Stars will be available for the Vita, and will be cross-compatible with PS3."
  • James Martin 6/5/2012 1:22:28 AM
  • Rich Brown 6/5/2012 1:22:32 AM
    They're showing two players on Vita and two players using PS3 on stage, all about to fight against each other.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 1:22:40 AM
    "Each character has a different approach to the match."
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 1:22:45 AM
    If this doesn't include Echochrome Man, I'll be disappointed. He's their Mr. Game and Watch.
  • James Martin 6/5/2012 1:23:42 AM
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 1:23:50 AM
    Wow, it really is like Super Smash Bros. I was just kidding before.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 1:23:53 AM
    It's an interesting idea, this all-star game. But it makes me wonder about the creative ecosystem for new PS3/PS Vita franchises.
  • Jonathan Horton 6/5/2012 1:24:01 AM
    Wow. Super Smash bros ripoff anyone?
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 1:24:02 AM
    Did this have to be EXACTLY like Super Smash Bros?
  • James Martin 6/5/2012 1:25:02 AM
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 1:25:11 AM
    And does anyone notice that the players up on stage in colored T-shirts are dressed in Google's color scheme?
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 1:25:11 AM
    I don't need to see more of this game.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 1:25:46 AM
    @Scott Are you saying that maybe this isn't a good use of the second slot in the Sony presser?
  • Milkusa 6/5/2012 1:27:59 AM
    Let's see if they use the words "Super Smash Bros." they seem to be holding on to them...
  • Jeff Bakalar 6/5/2012 2:13:14 AM
    It's about time Kratos can rewind--err--time--in God of War
  • Donaithnen 6/5/2012 2:14:23 AM
    Oh hey! Kratos can use Force powers to put things together now, just like Star Wars Lego!
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 2:14:42 AM
    There was also a fried chicken truck.
  • Lain Magee 6/5/2012 2:15:09 AM
    Did Kratos just push a guy out of the way? Looks like character development in my favorite mashin' slashin' game!
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 2:15:22 AM
    This is quite a long demo....
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 2:15:44 AM
    I do like the design of the elephant man monster, however.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 2:16:13 AM
    I'm not really sure I'm up for seeing an elephant get killed here.
  • James Martin 6/5/2012 2:16:25 AM
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 2:16:25 AM
    Ok, something really gross just happened. I hope someone got a photo.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 2:16:32 AM
    And the God of War demo is over. Big cheers!
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 2:16:35 AM
    I like the weird Ganesha-like thing, but I agree with Dan.
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 2:16:39 AM
    Yeah, I kinda felt sorry for the elephant guy.
  • Daniel Terdiman 6/5/2012 2:16:45 AM
    God of War: Ascension will be out March 12, 2013.
  • Captain Tater 6/5/2012 2:16:56 AM
    Sweet! Another Cookie Cutter God of War Game!
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 2:17:05 AM
    That's the day before my birthday. hint, hint.
  • James Martin 6/5/2012 2:17:22 AM
  • dan.ackerman 6/5/2012 2:17:41 AM
    Up next, the sound of water. Now a struggle.
  • Scott Stein 6/5/2012 2:17:43 AM
    A lot of darkness and surround sound noise.
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