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Sony PlayStation event

Join us for Sony's press conference from New York City, where the PlayStation 4 is widely expected to be officially announced.

  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:17:43 PM
    Headphone jack on the DS4. Pretty cool.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:17:49 PM
    Cerny says there is a tighter sense of control thanks to tweaks to the buttons and sticks. There is also a share button, a touch screen, and a light bar to ID players.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:18:04 PM
    There's a stereo camera that can track the position of the controller through the light bar.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:18:12 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:18:15 PM
    That will likely help with motion games.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:18:32 PM
    A demo game running on the Unreal engine. It looks impressive.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:18:34 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:18:54 PM
    There's an easy conversion path from the PC world to PS4, Cerny says.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:19:06 PM
    Cerny touts nearly two terraflops of computational performance.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:19:11 PM
    Unreal Engine 4 demos always look great -- but I wonder how comparable this "prototype hardware" will be with actual PS4 performance.
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:19:22 PM
    Where have I seen that stereo camera unit before?
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:19:27 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:19:38 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:19:44 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:20:00 PM
    The next simulation has a million moving objects, an example of its GPU power.
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:20:02 PM
    SOme tech demos going on right now. 1mil objects with physics rendering. Pretty nuts.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:20:11 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:20:30 PM
    Cerny showing off a title he's directing.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:21:11 PM
    It looks pretty whimsical.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:21:46 PM
    It's some sort of human vs. goblin game, with a unique main character made up of multiple small objects.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:21:47 PM
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:21:49 PM
    This new game feels very Pixar-y. Main character is called "Mack"
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:21:54 PM
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:22:03 PM
    Knack. Scratch that
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:22:07 PM
    The title is "Knack."
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:22:10 PM
    First game demo/trailer looks pretty generic and Pixar-like.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:22:25 PM
    Cue polite applause.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:22:28 PM
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:22:28 PM
    Refreshing to see a new property.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:22:47 PM
    I wonder if we look back at the first game shown off for every new console, if it was a forgettable title...
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:23:03 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:23:11 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:23:20 PM
    Sony is striving to keep games simple, Cerny says. He wanted the focus on functionality and ease of use.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:23:32 PM
    With basically PC parts inside, it's kind of like Sony is beating a potential SteamBox to the punch. (Except for running actual PC games, of course).
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:23:33 PM
    Powerful functionality needed to be a button push away.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:23:47 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:23:47 PM
    Another priority is immediacy. Cerny promises less lag time on games.
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:24:00 PM
    Low-power state will eliminate boot-ups.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:24:00 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:24:00 PM
    The PS4 system can run in low-power state, with the game saved in the RAM.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:24:13 PM
    I guess you can say goodbye to powering up and down.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:24:23 PM
    Adding a "suspend" button to get right back into a game (like turning on your iPad or MacBook), sounds like a pretty brilliant idea.
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:24:29 PM
    Chip dedicated to uploads, downloads
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:24:40 PM
    With the secondary custom chip, you can download in the background. You can play the game even after downloading a small fraction of it.
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