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Sony PlayStation event

Join us for Sony's press conference from New York City, where the PlayStation 4 is widely expected to be officially announced.

  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:24:43 PM
    You can play some games AS they download?!?
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:24:51 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:25:08 PM
    Another focus is social, and Sony has added an always-on dedicated video compression and de-compression system.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:25:09 PM
    Background downloading the rest while you're playing the first part of a game is a bit of a streaming-game entry point.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:25:30 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:25:37 PM
    It allows for seamless uploading of gameplay video. You use the share button to upload these videos as you continue to play.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:25:42 PM
    OnLive also had an easy "share a video clip" system baked into it.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:25:50 PM
    Sony hopes that video sharing will be as popular as screenshot sharing is now.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:25:56 PM
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:26:01 PM
    And, OnLive also had the see-anyone spectator mode as well.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:26:12 PM
    He says you can actually reach out to someone else's controller and take over the game if that person needs help. Sounds scary.
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:26:14 PM
    The UI mockup almost looks like a Facebook profile
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:26:31 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:26:55 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:27:04 PM
    PS4 is designed to be highly integrated with third party and services, phones, and tablets. You can use your smartphone to view gameplay videos and challenge friends.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:27:16 PM
    I wonder if it'll work with all smartphones, or just Sony ones?
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:27:22 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:27:31 PM
    The next ambition is personalization, Cerny says. It's a key design principle.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:27:45 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:28:02 PM
    As the system learns your likes and dislikes, you'll discover content preloaded in your system. The long term vision is to reduce download times of games down to zero.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:28:12 PM
    It'll be ready before you hit the button, he boasts.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:28:33 PM
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:28:38 PM
    Sony wants to know enough about you to predict what game you'll want to play next, and pre-load it for you. Sounds like we'll be doing a how-to for privacy settings.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:28:50 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:28:54 PM
    The system architecture aims to be deeply satisfying, requiring a focus by developers, as well as easy access to content and experiences.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:29:06 PM
    No mention of the presumed AMD branding on the CPU or who is making the GPU.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:29:18 PM
    Cerny wraps up and thanks the crowd.
  • Jeff Bakalar 2/20/2013 11:29:45 PM
    Cerny just squeezed in A LOT of info there. Curious to see how much of it will make the final cut.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:29:46 PM
    Gaikai CEO coming up next -- here comes the cloud!
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:29:55 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:29:59 PM
    Okay, David Perry, the co-founder and CEO of Gaikai, is up next. Sony bought the company last year.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:31:02 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:31:10 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:31:10 PM
    PS4 is an incredible platform, and its imperative that it deliver the same kind of quality online performance through Gaikai's technology, he says.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:31:19 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:31:27 PM
    What we're creating is the fastest, most powerful network for gaming in the world., he says.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:31:38 PM
    Dave Perry promises a whole new gaming network. Meaning?
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:31:42 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:31:51 PM
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:31:55 PM
    With Gaikai cloud technology, our goal is to make free exploration of a game possible for any game in the store, Perry says.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:32:21 PM
    With Gaikai in the PS store, you'll be able to instantly experience anything you want, he says.
  • dan.ackerman 2/20/2013 11:32:27 PM
    Here it is. Basic theme is, any game in the PlayStation Store, you can start playing it as a demo via cloud streaming.
  • Roger Cheng 2/20/2013 11:32:29 PM
    Perry loves the concept of only paying for what you love.
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:32:31 PM
  • sarahtew 2/20/2013 11:32:50 PM
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