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Sony's IFA 2015 press conference

The Japanese electronics company will show off its newest gadgets during an event in Berlin.

  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:08:26 PM
    Hey everyone. We're getting set up here at Sony's press conference.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:10:24 PM

    Here's some photos from outside.

  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:11:21 PM
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:11:42 PM
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:12:04 PM
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:12:33 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:12:45 PM
    Sony's taken a leaf out of Apple's book -- booth staff lined the entrance and clapped us as we arrived at the press conference. Very odd.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:12:56 PM
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:13:23 PM
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:13:51 PM
    We're in Hall 20 of the Messe center in Berlin. This is one of the fancier buildings. It looks more like a museum, with stained glass windows at the entrance.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:14:10 PM
    The room we're in has us surrounded by a white screen. So we almost feel like we're literally inside Sony. Haha!
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:14:19 PM
    The music is blend of pounding pop and a string arrangement of Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:15:05 PM
    It wouldn't be a tech event without WiFi problems. Woot! Andy Hoyle, our awesome colleague and today's photographer is trying to connect. Luke and I are barely holding on with our hotspots
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:15:21 PM
    For some reason, event WiFi seems to be the issue no tech company can solve.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:15:54 PM
    Sony hasn't revealed many details about its press conference, but the company is expected to introduce its newest smartphones, as well as other gadgets. In the past, Sony has used the venue to show off smartphones, tablets, wearables, digital cameras, TVs other home entertainment gadgets, and even a new Sony Walkman music player, in the case of last year's show.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:16:27 PM
    We're seeing a countdown clock now and a video of a camera acting as a sort of coffee cup? I'm confused. (Which has been a common theme for today. My confusion, that is. haha)
  • Supertech220 9/2/2015 2:16:29 PM
    Is there any live stream of the Sony Event?
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:16:34 PM
    No live stream, so you're stuck with us!
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:16:47 PM
    An ominous countdown has begun. 40 seconds until the conference begins. What is everyone hoping to see?
  • John Falcone 9/2/2015 2:16:53 PM
    Actually, there is a live stream; posting that link in a minute.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:17:19 PM
    Nevermind! Just kidding! There's a live stream. Thanks, Falcone!
  • Supertech220 9/2/2015 2:17:26 PM
  • Mikes 9/2/2015 2:17:28 PM
    Is it likely we'll see a domestic iteration of their Drones?
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:17:48 PM
    No idea about drones, but it's always possible.
  • Martin 9/2/2015 2:17:50 PM
    live stream here:
  • Alec 9/2/2015 2:17:52 PM
    Do we think that the leaks are intentional or genuine mistakes?
  • Supertech220 9/2/2015 2:17:55 PM
    Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!Not that I dont mind being with you guys lol
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:17:56 PM

    It begins..

  • Mieve 9/2/2015 2:17:58 PM
    dying XD
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:18:04 PM
    Here we go.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:18:11 PM
    Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai is taking the stage.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:18:22 PM
    When Kazuo Hirai took over as CEO in 2012, he announced the "One Sony" initiative aimed at improving his company's financial performance. The idea was to focus on three core divisions: digital imaging, gaming and mobile. But Sony has really struggled to compete with big mobile players like Apple and Samsung, and its devices are largely unavailable in major markets like the US.
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:18:24 PM
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:18:36 PM
    "It's actually now my fourth year at IFA as the CEO of Sony, and I'm truly happy to be here once again."
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:18:49 PM
    (Note - Andy is posting photos from Luke's phone so it looks like Luke is pulling double duty)
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:19:11 PM
    "As evidenced by our recent product and of course business related achievements, I am confident we are back on a path to future growth."
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:19:20 PM
    This talk about restructuring really hammers home that Sony needs its new products to be a hit. The background to today's conference is a few years of money problems and struggles to compete with rivals, across a range of product categories.
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:19:33 PM
    "Sony is now entering into an exciting time of growth that will be guided by our mission to develop awe-inspiriting products."
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:19:44 PM
    "It is our commitment to keep the Sony brand relevant to today's consumers."
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:20:26 PM
    "We at Sony recognize the competitive landscape and that the stakes are very high."
  • Shara Tibken 9/2/2015 2:20:42 PM
    "Our structural reform has required we be nimble."
  • Andrew Hoyle 9/2/2015 2:20:43 PM
  • Nick Hide 9/2/2015 2:20:51 PM
  • Luke Westaway 9/2/2015 2:20:59 PM
    Hirai, who's on stage now, made his reputation inside Sony's PlayStation division -- one of the company's historically most successful enterprises. Here's hoping for a little PlayStation magic sprinkled on today's announcements.
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