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Spotify's Event

An event to show off Spotify's latest music service.

  • leothelion96 12/11/2013 2:40:57 PM
    @BillyCostigan37 I don't think they would do that.Probably a version with ads and something like radio which you can't choose what it play
  • BillyCostigan37 12/11/2013 2:42:57 PM
    Radio is already free on mobile though.
  • Roger Cheng 12/11/2013 2:43:15 PM
    @BillyCostigan37: True. But I want to see the full capabilities available for free too.
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:43:16 PM
    CNET is in the event and ready to roll.
  • Roger Cheng 12/11/2013 2:44:42 PM
    Hey all, say hello to Joan Solsman, who is taking the lead on her first live blog.
  • JackH 12/11/2013 2:44:50 PM
    Seeing as they have more non paying customers than paying customers, do you think they have more to gain in revenue if they get rid of premium accounts and focus their efforts through ads to their entire user base?
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:45:12 PM
    We're in Spotify's new offices in Chelsea, NYC. Right now, it's a empty stage with a screen sporting Spotify's logo.
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:45:34 PM
    As promised in Spotify's press invite, there are donuts. No Cronuts (TM).
  • Canuckister 12/11/2013 2:45:38 PM
    @JackH No, most of the money comes from the users.
  • pwog66 12/11/2013 2:45:51 PM
    grats Joan
  • BillyCostigan37 12/11/2013 2:45:52 PM
    Hello Joan!
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:46:59 PM
    Word here is we'll be getting a special musical guest.
  • leothelion96 12/11/2013 2:47:31 PM
    @joan.solsman Hello! Will there be images posted during the event?
  • HitLaden 12/11/2013 2:47:32 PM
    Good luck!
  • BillyCostigan37 12/11/2013 2:48:17 PM
    At work streaming free version of Spotify, while awaiting the news from Spotify. Ronald Jenkees now playing.
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:48:27 PM
    Spotify's offices are a big upgrade from their old digs. Wide spaces, open format, I think there's a spiral staircase across the way.
  • Johnny 12/11/2013 2:48:29 PM
    any news on them announcing the entry on new markets?
  • Roger Cheng 12/11/2013 2:48:51 PM
    @Johnny: Hopefully, we get some news of expansion. That's still unclear though.
  • BigJuden 12/11/2013 2:48:57 PM
    Hey, Will pandoras stock price crash today due to spottily surprises
  • Roger Cheng 12/11/2013 2:49:29 PM
    @BigJuden: I'm guessing no. It'll take a lot to affect Pandora's stock. Usually these announcements aren't enough. But you never know!
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:49:29 PM
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:49:55 PM
    I need better posture.
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:50:06 PM
  • leothelion96 12/11/2013 2:50:37 PM
    @BigJuden Depend what they present
  • BigJuden 12/11/2013 2:50:49 PM
    Excellent!!! i have puts on pandora
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:52:21 PM
    Pandora and its stock price has fared pretty well as iTunes Radio rolled out earlier this year. With Spotify such a smaller competitor, it'd be surprising if investors are unnerved by a free Spotify mobile offering. Right now, Pandora stock is faring fine, down less than 1%.
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:52:26 PM
  • wat3rmelon 12/11/2013 2:53:01 PM
    Hopefully, they will announce availability in more countries. Unfortunately, not everyone, including me, can use Spotify in their country.
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:54:12 PM
  • AugensteinWTOP 12/11/2013 2:54:19 PM
    Always love and count on CNET's live coverage of events. Entertaining, informative, accurate. Welcome Joan. No pressure :)
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:54:24 PM
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:54:29 PM
  • BigJuden 12/11/2013 2:54:42 PM
    True but if spottily updates its listener statistics and numbers are impressive and projections may threaten pandora
  • Viramonster 12/11/2013 2:55:10 PM
    Well, Pandora only works in the US, Australia, and NZ. It may be very popular there, but Spotify is certainly more relevant globally.
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:55:18 PM
    @wat3rmelon: So far, Spotify is in 32 countries, which is one area that it has a real advantage over Pandora. Because of the way they license music, Spotify has a much easier time going into different countries.
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:55:33 PM
  • Roger Cheng 12/11/2013 2:55:38 PM
    @Viramonster: Perhaps more relevant, but no where near as big. Pandora has nearly triple the user base.
  • AugensteinWTOP 12/11/2013 2:55:46 PM
    Apparently autocorrect changes Spotify to spottily
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:56:52 PM
    Keep in mind, the last time Spotify gave us subscriber numbers (months ago) it had 6 million paying subscribers and 24 million active users. Pandora has more than 200 million registered users, and more than 70 million were active as of last month.
  • sarahtew 12/11/2013 2:57:49 PM
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:58:23 PM
    Spotify is ubiquitous in places like Sweden, its home base, but it's had a more difficulty getting that kind of penetration in the US, the biggest music market in the world.
  • Roger Cheng 12/11/2013 2:58:26 PM
    It looks like a nice, bright space. A far cry from the usual dark venues I find myself in with smartphone and tablet launches.
  • joan.solsman 12/11/2013 2:59:04 PM
    @RogerCheng: The music here is probably better too!
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