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CES 2013: Samsung press conference live blog

Samsung is looking maintain its domination of the global consumer electronics market with a bevy of TV, home theater, and mobile product news.

  • John Falcone 1/7/2013 9:45:01 PM
    Hi everyone.
  • John Falcone 1/7/2013 9:45:19 PM
    Welcome to CNET's coverage of Samsung's CES 2013 press conference.
  • John Falcone 1/7/2013 9:45:56 PM
    This is always one of the biggest events of the day, and we're expecting a boat load of new product announcements -- mostly in the TV and home theater space.
  • John Falcone 1/7/2013 9:46:21 PM
    We'll be starting in earnest in less than 15 minutes.
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 9:48:26 PM
    Hey everyone, we're live here at Samsung's event. Me, Shara Tibken and James Martin on the photos.
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 9:49:10 PM
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 9:49:29 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 9:49:40 PM
    Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us. It's a packed room today for the Samsung press conference.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 9:50:03 PM
    PR told me the first person got in line at 10:30 a.m. PT. They didn't let people in until shortly before 1:30.
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 9:50:40 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 9:51:56 PM
    Stay tuned everyone, this will start in about 10 minutes at 2 p.m. PT.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 9:52:33 PM
    Before this kicks off, Samsung's playing music and showing us some videos of kids using tablets in schools.
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 9:52:50 PM
  • John Falcone 1/7/2013 9:54:08 PM
    Live video from the Samsung event will start at 2pm in the player above.
  • John Falcone 1/7/2013 9:54:36 PM
    In the meantime, we're giving you other highlights from the CES show floor. (The show officially opens tomorrow.)
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 9:54:36 PM

    The CNET team, with @sharatibken and @dkatzmaier

  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 9:55:53 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 9:56:00 PM
    Samsung handed out wristbands with the company's TecTile technology embedded into them. That's what allows you to tap two devices together and share data. We think it's probably the press kit but we haven't been able to check it out yet.
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 9:57:07 PM

    Wristband with TecTiles

  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 9:57:27 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 9:58:02 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 9:58:31 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 9:58:55 PM
    You can program TecTiles to do different things, like put your phone in silent mode. Samsung said today that
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 9:59:24 PM
    So, that leaves a few conspicuos absences. Like TVs, phones, tablets. You know, the kind of stuff Samsung is best known for.
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 10:00:03 PM
    Traditionally the company teases with its flagship products and Smart TV services at CES, then gives complete, final details at its own event in March.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:00:04 PM
    it installed 4500 TecTiles in various Caesar's Entertainment hotels in Vegas to give info about the resorts. (sorry for not finishing my thought earlier. Hit enter too soon)
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:00:20 PM
    Here we go. Lights are dimming.
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 10:00:24 PM
    Music stopped.
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 10:00:42 PM
    "Discover" on the screen.
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 10:01:04 PM
    "...the world of possibilities" that is.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:01:07 PM
    Boo-Keun Yoon, president of Samsung Electronics takes the stage
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:01:39 PM
    Last year we pushed boundaries to remove barriers between people and their content, between devices, between each other. Gesture, voice control in TVs etc
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:02:04 PM
    Saw us create more human ways for humans and devices to interact. Reflect our philosophy - at Samsung we see technology in human terms
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 10:02:14 PM
  • David Katzmaier 1/7/2013 10:02:29 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:02:37 PM
    We understand consumers, their lives and their aspirations. Through this understanding we are able to read trends. ... to create entirely new experiences.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:03:06 PM
    This year our goal is help people discover a world of possibilities. We aim to delight them, bringing not just what they expect but what they have never dreamed was possible.
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 10:03:08 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:03:09 PM
    Will share strategy today.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:03:27 PM
    First content market is accelerating. Consumers have more choices. Need simpler, easier ways to find and enjoy what's important to them.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:03:46 PM
    To meet that need, dramatically improved accessibility and content experience through TV user interface.
  • James Martin 1/7/2013 10:03:58 PM
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:03:58 PM
    TVs for people's lifestyles. Know in advance what people want to watch.
  • Shara Tibken 1/7/2013 10:04:28 PM
    Second, with this extended range of content and services, people want more screens to access it. They want convenience in device. .. That's why we make tablets in many sizes.
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