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Windows 10: The Next Chapter

Microsoft is delivering a live presentation from its Redmond, Wash., campus to provide more details on its upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 5:20:24 PM
    Belfiore quickly brings the UI back to a more Windows 7 look and feel. 
  • John Falcone 1/21/2015 5:20:55 PM
    [if you're not seeing a livestream from the Microsoft press conference, please refresh your page]
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 5:21:19 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 5:21:27 PM
    Belfiore diving into the weeds of user complaints, showing off a simplification of the settings. 
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 5:22:01 PM
    Belfiore is using a Surface, and is now showing us how Continuum will work. The tool is supposed to automatically know what peripherals are plugged in and what device type you're using. 
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 5:22:46 PM
    Continuum is as simple as a pop-up prompt, Belfiore shows. "A device like this elegantly transforms from one mode to another ... with the UI being confusing to people." 
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 5:22:47 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 5:23:05 PM
    We're now seeing Windows 10 on an 8-inch tablet. 
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 5:23:38 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:40:44 PM
    "We're dreaming beyond virtual worlds, beyond screens, beyond pixels," Kipman says. Oh, we're talking holograms!
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:40:54 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:41:02 PM
    "Welcome to Windows Holographic," Kipman says. We're seeing a video now. 
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:41:03 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:41:39 PM
    The video is showcasing an augmented reality device. It's technically not virtual reality, but a way to overlay Microsoft apps and services on the real world. 
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:42:01 PM
    In other words, this is Microsoft's take on Google's now defunct Glass headset. 
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:42:37 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:42:39 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:42:59 PM
    "This is your world with holograms." That's a sentence I didn't expect to hear today. 
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:43:22 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:43:24 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:43:28 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:43:49 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:45:28 PM
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:45:30 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:45:39 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:45:51 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:46:04 PM
    "Imagine my personal favorite: imagine turning your living room in a virtual environment," says Kipman. He notes that it sounds crazy. 
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:46:56 PM
    "Want to create a Holographic app? Easy. developers: Windows 10 is yours," Kipman says. "All universal apps can be made to work with Windows Holographic."
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:47:33 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:47:35 PM
    "Oculus, Magic Leap, Glass developers and everyone else, we humbly invite you. Come create holograms with us," Kipman says, bridging the competitor question. 
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:48:11 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:48:17 PM
    We're seeing the headset now. Microsoft HoloLens, it's called. "The first fully untethered holographic computer." This will be available in the Windows 10 timeframe, Kipman adds. 
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:48:43 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:49:06 PM
    HoloLens has see-through lenses, spatial sound, motion sensors to capture information about the environment. It also comes with a built-in, high-end CPU and GPU, Kipman adds. 
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:49:14 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:49:16 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:49:57 PM
    "We invented a third processor. A holographic processing unit. The HPU gives us the ability to understand where you're looking, to understand your gestures, to understand your voice, to spatially map your environment, to run without wires ... all in real-time.
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:50:03 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:50:30 PM
    No phone required. No connection to a PC needed. HoloLens will work completely standalone. 
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:51:21 PM
    "This is the next generation of computing. This is the next generation PC." We're seeing a video talking about HoloLens now. 
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:51:24 PM
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:51:54 PM
  • Nate Ralph 1/21/2015 6:52:13 PM
    If this actually works anything at all like these sizzle reels, I might never take these things off. I remain skeptical, but we should find out eventually, today.
  • Sarah Tew 1/21/2015 6:52:38 PM
  • Nick Statt 1/21/2015 6:52:47 PM
    Right. We'll be getting some hands-on with the device later today, Microsoft promises. 
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